Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goodbye 2008

We started off our Christmas vacation by going to California (Coronado Island) and Vegas. There we:

*Walked along the beach
*Played games
*Watched the BYU vs Arizona game
*Visited with the Sessions
*Chris golfed
*Ate at Claim Jumper
*Hit a few golf balls in the Ocean
*Late night star gazing
*Drive to Vegas
*Outlet Malls
*Bellagio Water Show
*Ate at Macaroni Grill
*Played Tennis
*All you can eat buffet
*Circ de sole show

We had a very nice and relaxing time with the Martin family. We had many laughs as well as tears. We are grateful we were able to spend a little bit of the holiday with them.

After we went to California we flew to Idaho on Christmas Eve. We got there just in time for dinner, and it was great to have my entire family there with us. Our Christmas Eve and Christmas was difficult, but it was nice to be with my family. It was hard to be sitting there thinking and knowing that Preslie would have been there with us. That this would have been her first Christmas.

(Our New PJS)

All my sister Mikelle wanted for Christmas was a kitty, and because of the difficult year my family has had my parents got her one. She was near tears as all of the presents had been opened and she didn't have a kitty. Soon my mom came downstairs with little Lucifee, and we all broke into tears. I have never seen Mikelle more excited over a gift before. Lucifee was just the sweetest kitty, and I really enjoyed being able to hold and pet her.

(My Mom, Mikelle and Lucifee)

Chris and I didn't get much sleep in Idaho, as we would stay up partying every night. We went to the church and played volleyball almost everynight, watched movies, went to see HSM3 TWICE!, played a lot of games, shopped, played WII,caught up with old friends, took Abby to get a few cones,and just had a very relaxing time.
(After Church)

(Chris and Merrick playing the WII)

(Abby and I)

My last week in Idaho was really rough, and I am glad I was able to have the love and support of my parents as well as Christopher. We took family pictures, and Chris and I noticed that we just don't look happy in any of them. We are hoping that a few turned out. The night before we came back to MI we were able to go the temple, and feel some peace. I am really anxious to go back real soon. I am so grateful for my family and parents, and for the love they showed to us while we were there. It was so hard for me to come back to Michigan, but I know it's what I needed to do.

Our little Martin family is having numerous changes this next semester. I am going to be taking 3 classes at LCC, and 2 Institute classes. We were also able to get a membership to the YMCA, so we can both get back into shape. I think that going to school will be a good transitional change for me, and to keep me pretty occupied this next year.

We are calling 2009 a year of change, and we hope that this year will bring a lot of joy and happiness to us. :)


McGinnis Family said...

You had a very eventful, emotional filled Christmas vacation, didn't you? Wow! I'm sure it was very hard to go back to MI.

Rylie, I am so proud of you! I think you are making all the right steps in all the right directions!

Aubreydoll said...

It's so great that you were able to be with your families for the last few weeks, I'm sure that was exactly what you needed right now!
That's awesome that you're going to be taking classes, good for you! Here's to a wonderful 2009!!

mamadoula said...

What classes are you taking? I'm at LCC, too. We should have lunch sometime!

Alyson said...

Oh Rylie, I so wish I had known you were in town! It would have been so good to see you! I got your e-mail last night. Just a little bit too late. You and Chris are amazing. You will get through this and I hope 2009 is full of joy for you guys!

Love you!

you gonna eat that? said...

I am SO jealous of you taking college classes... I CANNOT WAIT to get back to college! About 8 more months for me... I just wanted to add that you look really pretty in your pictures. Miss you!

Bobby and M!kell said...

WOW! looks like you and Chris had fun and busy holiday season. I am sure you both needed that time away from home. I am so excited for you to start college and all the other new adventures you have ahead of you in 2009. Keep your head up, you and Chris both have such amazing strength, faith and such a great love for eachother. ♥

Janee said...

Wow, looks like you guys had an amazing holiday! You look fantastic by the way Rylie. That pic of Preslie's name in the sand is just beautiful. I hope 2009 brings you guys all the joy and happiness your hearts can hold. Love ya!

Jenny and Kelsey said...

We loved having you guys in Idaho, I just wish that you could've stayed longer. Good luck with school and stuff! :) We love you!!!!

Danny and Lauren's Blog said...

Happy 2009! Here is to a wonderful new year to the amazing Martin family. All my love.