Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Lump

"So I go to the doctor, and he did the bio... the b... the... the bios... the... b... the "bobopsy." Inside the lump he found teeth and a spinal cord. Yes. Inside the lump was my twin." - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

I am so behind on blogging that I find it just pointless to even go back to where I left off. So I figured I would try to move forward and do better. :) I have been thinking a lot about trials lately and why we get the ones we do, and why it seems like sometimes others don't get any at all. Chris and I feel like we had a calm from the storms of life for awhile and then I found a lump in my left breast. I don't think I would have thought anything of it, except that my Mom had breast cancer 2 years ago. I decided to have my high risk doctor take a look at it and go from there. She was concerned and sent me to a breast center to have to checked out. My lump is the size of a walnut and immovable. The specialist ordered me to have an ultrasound and biopsy done a few days later. When the ultrasound was done the mass was huge! I tried to make a joke to the technician "It isn't the size of a pea is it?" to which she seriously said "No, it's not." I began to worry because she didn't say anything but told me that the doctor would come into talk to me about it. When the doctor came in to do the biopsy he said he thought it looked like a fibroid cyst, but the results would let us know for sure. After a PAINFUL biopsy...I went home feeling at peace about everything, and knew that no matter what happened our family would be okay. I felt strongly that I wasn't alone while having my procedure done, and that the Lord was with me.

After a LONG weekend, I finally got the call that the results were clear. My heart was filled with gratitude to my family for their fasting and prayers and to a loving Heavenly Father who answered my prayers. I don't know what the future holds, having a big history of breast cancer in my family I have almost come to grips with the fact that I may get it...eventually. No matter what happens I know that we can get through anything if we remain faithful and roll with the punches. There were times during this experience of pure fear and sadness, but I kept telling myself that we will be okay no matter what happens.

"Come what may, and love it."