Thursday, April 22, 2010

An "Earth Day" Half Birthday

Sometimes when I think of Preslie, I like to imagine her with all her angel friends. So, when I found this picture it was almost as if I had imagined it. I find it very comforting to know that Preslie is not alone, and together with her friends and family they are preparing the way for us.

Preslie would have been 18 months today. Since her half birthday falls on Earth Day each year we decided we would celebrate it.

We started off the morning by us all putting on our Old Navy "Happy Earth Day" shirts. Arista and I then met Chris at the law building to meet his favorite law professor. Professor Jacobs gave Arista the cutest stuffed giraffe and 3 picture wall hanging frame. Arista rolled over for us and tried to eat the Professors hair. She had an absolute blast being held by her. Chris is sure going to miss Professor Jacobs.

After chatting for a while we headed over to the MSU Dairy Store. We had heard great things about the dairy and finally was able to taste it for ourselves. It was so yummy!

While finishing our ice cream we stopped at Walmart to pick up a beautiful plant for Preslie's grave, and then headed up to the Mausoleum. We introduced Arista to Preslie's tomb, and then sat outside on a blanket for a while where we had the funeral. Arista rolled around all over the blanket, while we told her all about her sister Preslie. After a while we walked around the cemetery and put little toy animals on all the baby graves we could find, in honor of Preslie's 18 month and Earth Day.

After a few hours we decided to drive to 45 minutes to Brighton for dinner at our favorite place, Johnny Carinos. We reflected on our time with Preslie, and talked about how great it will be to see her again. Afterwards we walked around the Tanger Outlets for a while. I found the cutest dress for Arista for Chris' graduation. I was very excited.

When we got home we were pooped! We gave Arista a nice bath, and ended our Earth Day by watching "Avatar". We are also going to see the new movie "Oceans" tomorrow to celebrate this day as well.

Our hearts were heavy today, but we know Preslie was glad that we celebrated her. We know that she loves animals, and nature. We could not have picked a more beautiful day to celebrate her half birthday. We are grateful for the knowledge we have that we will see her again. With each passing day we are another day closer to our baby girl. We love you Preslie Quinn!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Five Fun Months

Arista turned 5 months old today. Each day she surprises us more and more with the new things she is learning to do. She is constantly smiling and laughing and entertaining us. She is such a blessing to us, and we love her more than anything!

This Month Arista:

Went to the Zoo

Went to her first baseball game

Rode on her stuffed animals

Had a nasty cold/flu

Found her feet

Rolled over from back to front

Had her first modeling gig

We love you Arista Kitty. You are the best rainbow we have ever seen. We can't wait to see all the many fun things you will do through out the next few months and years. Happy 5 months!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Easter

While Chris was away in Indianapolis, Arista and I spent the entire weekend together. Chris took the car so we were stranded at home, but we didn't mind it one bit. We spent our weekend soaking up General Conference, going on walks, hanging out with our neighbors, watching basketball and spending time together. I watched an old classic movie "The Easter Parade", which I LOVE too.

The original plan was for Arista and I to go with Chris to IN, to site see, shop, etc. I felt like I really needed to stay home, and was happy with my decision. I needed to be home to hear conference that weekend. There were so many talks that moved me to tears (more of that later). I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with Arista, and for being able to enjoy Easter listening to our apostles and prophets.

Before Chris left he kept talking about how Arista needed a Duke jersey to wear while they played. So I made one! Arista wore it during the Final Four game, and was helping me cheer Duke on.

Arista's first Easter was so fun. We woke up and found that the Easter Bunny had come. He was good to Arisa this year and gave her many books, sun hats,stuffed animals and clothes. The Martin Grandparents spoiled her with little books and stuffed animals, and The McDonald Grandparents bought Arista a breathtaking Easter Dress. I won't let her wear it yet, until we take her to get pictures taken this weekend. I set up the webcam so that Chris could enjoy watching Arista open her basket. Her favorite thing was a stuffed Chick that we got her!

We spent the rest of the morning enjoying conference, then we got all dressed up and went for a 3 mile walk with our friends down the street. It was a beautiful day outside. After a long nap for Arista and more conference we joined our friends for an awesome Easter dinner!

Easter was an emotional day for me this year, and I couldn't help but wonder how excited Preslie would have been to see her Easter basket. Easter has taken on a whole new meaning for our family, and we are so grateful that Christ sacrificed his life for us. We are grateful that through him we are able to reunite with Preslie again someday. Although there are difficult days and moments, the knowledge of Gods plan reassures our fears and comforts our aching hearts. I am so grateful I was able to spend Easter with our miracle baby, and for the light she has brought back into me. I know that without her I would not be able to move forward. Through Preslie's death I have learned to not take any moment for granted with Arista. Although motherhood has it's own challenges, my favorite thing is being a Mom to my daugthers. I hope you all enjoyed the inspired conference this weekend, and had a blessed Easter.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Final Four Weekend

Chris' big gift for his 30th birthday was the opportunity to go to Indianapolis for the NCAA Final Four game, and the Championship game. Chris went along with his good friend Matt. Here are some picture from their awesome weekend...

Lucas Oil Stadium

Michigan State vs Butler Game

Go State!

Saying a prayer for MSU

Duke vs West Virginia Game


The Championship Game

Chris and Matt had a great weekend getaway. Duke won just for Chris. Chris said that Preslie blocked the final shot by Butler, letting his team win for him.

Glad you had the best 30th ever Christopher!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another Year Sexier

Chris turned the big 3-0 on April 1rst. His idea of a birthday present was to lay in bed all day and wallow about how "old" he turned. Arista and I had other plans...

The morning started out with Chris being served his favorite breakfast burritos in bed. Arista loved laying by him, and singing her version of "Happy Birthday". After breakfast Chris opened his presents from us which was an awesome pair of MSU basketball shorts, and a beautiful purple shirt and tie. We also got him a button to wear that said "Another Year Sexier". Seriously he gets sexier the older the gets.

Sadly Chris had to go to class, but dressed up for the occasion. What a handsome man I have!

For dinner Chris and I had De Luca's pizza. It is the best pizza we have ever tasted. After pizza Chris and our friend Matt went out to go shopping. While Chris was gone we set up a huge surprise party for him, with all of our friends. We did a Star Wars themed party, and decorated the house with all of his toys. I dressed up as Queen Amidala, and Arista dressed up as Yoda.

We had a Darth Vader pinata that we hit with a light saber...

A fight against Spencer the Jedi Knight and Bauer...

A special appearance of Jabba "The Hut", along with Princess Leia...

A Millenial Falcon ship that caught fire on the cake...

A skit "At home with the Skywalkers"...

R2D2 Treats...

Thank you to all of our friends who made Chris' 30th birthday unforgettable. Chris could not stop talking about how much fun he had, and how blessed we are for such great friends.

Chris' main gift for this 30th birthday was tickets to the Final Four basketball games. Our friend Matt and Chris left this morning for Indianapolis to cheer on MSU and Duke. Unfortunalty MSU lost by 2 but Duke will play in the championship game!! This has been Chris' dream for a long long time, and we were happy to send him on his way to watch it. Pictures coming soon! Go Duke! Happy Birthday to a man who is another year sexier!