Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She's A Lady

My sister Kelsey told me about these baby shoes, and when I checked out the website I fell in love with them. I knew that baby Preslie must have a pair of her own. I think it is just the funniest thing. The shipping on them was outrageous, so my sister-in-law Marissa is going to pick them up for us in Utah. I cannot wait to see them. You have to check out the website! www.heelarious.com

Sunday, July 27, 2008

28 Weeks

Only 12 more weeks!!

Summertime Fun

I have too many things to blog about, therefore I have been putting it off for over a week.

Last Saturday Chris proclaimed it "Rylie Make-over Day". My day started off with an hour long Maternity massage. The man had AMAZING hands. He did such a great job and gave us such a good deal. He came to the house and brought everything he needed so all I had to do was just relax. He got 2 nasty knots out of my back, and really helped with some lower back pain I have been having. I HIGHLY recommend a massage while pregnant.

Soon after my massage I went and saw my hair God Fadi. Fadi and I go way back to when I first moved out to Washington D.C. No one was ever able to take my unruly hair and make it model perfect. You don't tell Fadi what to do he tells you. He isn't afraid to tell you what will look good and bad. Overall I have had some AMAZING colors and cuts from this man. I debated with myself for 2 months when would be a good time to go and see him. I finally got the courage to call him up. When I went into the Salon he didn't notice me, but when he did he asked "Have you been cheating on me?" Of course I said no, but then he took one more look at me and was like " YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!!" Let's just say Fadi was not a fan of my cut, which I haven't had cut since Thanksgiving. Once again Fadi did his magic and made my hair look incredible. We went very blonde again and he thinned and chopped my hair to blend in more.

Later Saturday night the local park was showing movies on this huge inflatable screen. The night before we saw "The Bee Movie" and then Saturday night we saw "Transformers". It was a ton of fun, really really humid but way fun. Around midnight the Morgans, drove up.

It was so good to see Scott, Faith and little Beckett. We have really missed our friends back in Michigan. We had such a great time with them here. On Sunday we went to some museums and the National capital. It was such a hot day but we had fun walking around. Sadly Chris and I both had to work, so the Morgans went to Mt. Vernon on Monday and then went around DC on Tuesday. We took them to the Cheesecake factory where we had great food! We also went and saw the Awakening one night which was neat because I had never seen it before. We are so grateful for such great friends, and It was so fun to have the Morgans come stay with us! I can't wait to get back to Michigan. Thanks for coming guys!!!

This last Friday night Chris and I went to a Toys R Us midnight Star Wars Madness. There were about 30 people in line ahead of us, which wasn't too bad. We both ended up getting a free toy from going. Sadly they didn't play any games or have free give aways like they had promised. Chris ended up with a bunch of cool guys afterwards though.

Yesterday we went to the temple which was really good. I wanted to go at least one more time before we went back to Michigan. Afterwards we played some good doubles tennis, then headed out to dinner with Chad to Macaroni Grill. It was SOOOOO good. I ate way more than I should have. Afterwards we went and saw "The Dark Knight". I really like it, I thought Heath did such a great job. He was truly insane in that movie. It was very very dark though, and little baby was kicking like mad the entire time. It has been a great weekend!

I am SOOO looking forward to this week. Amberly and Daphne and coming Tuesday-Monday. I am so thrilled it all worked out. I have Wednesday through the weekend off, so I will be able to go and do everything with them. I am so excited!! Hurry up Tuesday!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Snoogle Me To Sleep

This morning Chris and I had another doctor's appointment. We heard Preslie's little heartbeat, and the second the Doppler was on my stomach she starting kicking it. It was so crazy to hear the little kicks through the Doppler. The doctor said it was good that she was so active. I also got my stomach measured for the first time. 28 inches....which puts me in the 98th percentile. Meaning this baby is going to be a big one....YIKES!! I go in again in 3 weeks for the Glucose test, which I hope goes well. I am not a huge sugar person, so it'll be interesting to have to drink the liquid. :)

Lately I have been having the worst rib/side pains when I have been sleeping, so Chris and I invested in a Snoogle pillow. Seriously the greatest thing invented. It doesn't take up too much room, and you sleep so well on it. There are over a dozen different positions you can use with it also. I highly recommend it to all the preggies if you are struggling with getting comfortable. I love it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Code Orange!

Yesterday I woke up and saw on the news that it was code orange in our area. Code Orange means that the air quality is really bad, and they want you to avoid driving and going out as much as possible. All of the buses are free to ride which is a plus for bus riders. To celebrate code orange Chris wore an orange shirt. Haha

Last night we went to our favorite Thai place, Thai Shirlington. They have the best Pad Thai ever! Afterwards we went to the FDR memorial, and then to the National capital. Luckily the waterfalls were on at the FDR, it is my very favorite memorial. The Jefferson use to be my favorite but once we discovered FDR I was in love. There were a ton of tourists out and about at the memorials. Virginia definitely is for lovers.

I had a "monumental" moment today. For once in my life the boob fairy has finally visited me. I graduated a bra size! This may seem really stupid to most people but I was pretty stoked! :D

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Our 4th started off with Chris playing softball and kickball at the ward breakfast, then he played some mad tennis shortly after. I got some much needed rest and went over later to watch them all play.

The past 2 4th of July's we would go on the roof of Chris' work building to see the National fireworks. This year Chad was able to get us onto the Pentagon garden/grass area to watch them. We figured we needed to leave early since there are a bazillion people who work at the Pentagon and would take advantage of the free lawn. It started raining the minute we got into the car! Luckily we had some huge umbrellas, and we could drive really close to the Pentagon.

We walked through the Pentagon tunnel...

By the time we got there after a long long walk we found out we could park right next to the lawn. Chad was nice enough to go back and get the car for us. We could not even believe how little people there were. We got a perfect spot on the lawn!

Here is Chris sitting on the cooler.

While we were waiting for Chad to return we played a game of Scrabble, it was a lot of fun. When Chad returned he was able to get us into the Pentagon to tour around. While we were inside is started to downpour!

We took some sneaky shots in front of the Secretary of Defense's office.

We had a blast playing Pounce, Liars Dice and getting snacks! Despite all of the rain, it was so fun to watch the fireworks. Luckily the rain stopped right before they started. We hope you all had a happy 4th!