Friday, May 30, 2008

Down Came The Bad Fairy and She Said:

I was hoping the job fairy would visit me this week, instead the sick fairy did. :( I think one of the drawbacks of pregnancy is not being able to take the much desired NyQuil...Hopefully it will work its way out soon.

I have had a few interviews the past couple of weeks, and was told I'd hear back from them in a week to two week. Kindof discouraging but I'll keep on trudging along. I really didn't think it would be this difficult to find a job, but I do have 2 strikes against me.

1. Pregnant
2. Will only be here for the summer

Chris has started his externship with The Department of Justice and is really enjoying it. He only has to put in 18 hours a week, so he has been looking for a job as well. We hope and pray we will find something soon.

Baby Martin is alive and kicking. We have our next appointment in 2 weeks, and hopefully an ultrasound. It seems like everyday the kicks are getting more frequent and stronger. Chris even felt the little pops a few times. We are so grateful for this little one. The morning sickness has gone away for the most part. However when it gets late at night I get queasy, other than that doing well.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Virginia is for lovers

Well we've arrived in good ole Virginia. It was a rough 20 minute flight to Detroit, but then a smooth one to DC. Yesterday was a beautiful day. We took advantage and played lots of tennis, and went on long walks. Unfortunately my arms are FRIED! I have never seen my arms this color red before. I guess we really don't see the sun in Michigan. :)

We walked over to the park which has a huge huge pond with lots of fish and turtles. This is the park where we got engaged, so we figured we must take some pictures. I love that this park is so close so I can do a lot of walking this summer. I am really enjoying this time before the humidity kicks in. I hope we can get at least a month of nice weather.

Chris starts his Externship tomorrow morning at 7am, and I will be hitting the job hunt really hard. We hope you all are doing well and we miss you already!

Playing some tennis

Standing on our engagement spot

We were engaged under the gazebo

I love turtles!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

2 in 1

Happy Birthday Princess Rylie Roo and Happy Mother's Day from Baby M & M!!!

I thought I would publish my first blog on this very special day for my lovely Bride. Where to start? Rylie Quinn McDonald Martin was born on May 11, 1987 and was the cutest little baby as you can see from the pictures. She has been feisty, happy, loving, and is always awaiting her next adventure. She thinks she's a girl version of Indiana Jones!!!

This weekend was Roo-A-Palooza to celebrate Mother's Day and Rylie's 21st Birthday! We saw Maid of Honor and What Happens in Vegas (both chick flicks) but what can you do when it's Rylie's special day right??? J/k I enjoy chick flicks, I just say I don't so I can look cool. Rylie desperately wanted to go Karaoking for her 21st Birthday but Baby M&M told her he didn't feel like getting emphysema. We went to the outlets to get Rylie some Raspberry Honey Mustard dip that she was craving and a couple shirts early in the day. We next came back and Rylie wanted me to re-enact "Notebook" and row her on a boat in the lake and if you go back to our 1st Anniversary you can see that it didn't go quite well with Rylie rowing most of the time because of my incompetence. So on our drive back I said a silent prayer that they would be closed so I wouldn't have to play row boat captain. (I promise I didn't say a prayer but if I did that would have been funny!!!) Just let me say Prayer's get answered, because we got there and it was closed. So we came home watched another chick flick P.S. I Love You and from writing this it must seem like all we do is watch movies!!! hahahah but it was a tear jerker and my eyes were getting watery at the end. (Hey at least I didn't have a ball fest like my Brother!!! = ) We then went to Olive Garden because Rylie loves going there on her birthday and got some good food and Rylie still not 21 had to get me to order her a strawberry Daiquiri (Virgin of course) but it was a great relaxing weekend and I couldn't have spent it with anyone better.

I met Rylie on the Metro 3 years ago, and ever since I have been the happiest guy on the face of the earth. She is the love of my life, my princess, my best friend, and future mother of the Martin clan. She has made me a better person from being with her, and is always trying to make me better. I cannot thank her enough for supporting us through law school, being so patient with me while studying in the library, and being a Law School Widow during finals where she didn't get to see me at all.

We are so excited to be parents in a couple of months and Rylie is going to be the best MOM ever. I am looking forward to the toddler part more than the baby part but Rylie will be great at waking up in the middle of the night, changing diapers, going on walks, and teaching the baby all sorts of things.

Rylie, I love you and I cannot imagine my life without you. If I died today I could not have asked for a better life or wife and with you in my life everything is complete. Thanks for all your love, patience, and charity. I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday and a Happy Mother's Day!

I love you and I love you!!



Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's get it on PART 2

Thursday after eating a delicious dinner Chris made, we were on our way out the door to go to Erika's. Right when we opened the door we saw "Mrs." Friendly and Mr. Man Parts. Feeling bad for Man Parts because he is just so dang skinny I ran into the house to get some food...leaving the door open. Next thing I know Mrs. Friendly came in for protection and Mr. Man Parts followed. (We all know why) Well they started doing their little hiss/heat thing and we could not get them out the door. They kept running further and further into our house.

Chris decided that if he picked up Friendly and put her outside Man Parts would follow. HA! Lesson #1: NEVER EVER PICK UP AT CAT IN HEAT! Next thing we know Man Parts is jumping up at Chris holding Friendly. So Chris starts running with Friendly and Man Parts followed. Finally Chris threw Friendly and they both ran up the stairs...towards our room. Well you see Chris doesn't like Cats. In fact it bothers him that I even feed them. Chris ran and grabbed the broom after them. We got Friendly out but Man Parts wouldn't budge. He was laying in our guest room looking out the window. I am scared to death to pick him up just because I have no idea where he's been and if he is diseased. His tail does this weird shaky thing. I don't know maybe it's normal.

Well I finally got him to come out of the room and outside. It was quite the little adventure. Now we have seen him everyday. He is quite the Friendly cat. If you feed a cat once they always come back. Luckily I have a lot of cat food to put outside. I just wish he was neutered and didn't have that tail shaking thing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let's get it on....

Chris and I came back from Mejier tonight to find a cat sitting on our back porch. We have never seen the cat before, and when we approached it we were surprised how strikingly beautiful it was. It was a short haired cat with a very lean long body. It looked just like a little bob cat. Well of course it followed us in (I wouldn't object to it) and right when it turned around we knew it was a male. It had the biggest male parts I have ever seen on a cat. I was in complete shock. It made me soo grossed out and paranoid that it was going to spray in our house.

However shocked I was I fed it some cat food. It ate soo fast, I don't think it's eaten in days. Poor thing. :( While he was eating I looked out our back window and staring at me was our neighborhood cat Mr. Friendly. We love Mr. Friendly but I knew it would be pretty stupid to let him in at the same time. I didn't want to risk a cat fight. Well Mr. Man parts was getting kindof antsy so I let him outside. OH MY GOSH! The minute I opened the door he flew onto Mr. Friendly's back and was bitting him on the neck. I freaked out! Mr. Friendly turned around and looked at me hissing like "how dare you". Am I naive or what? Mr. Friendly is actually a Mrs. Friendly and I just witnessed animals doing the nasty (as my dad would say). I started yelling trying to get Mr. Man Parts off our neighborhood cat. I think the yelling scared him off. So "Mrs." Friendly ran inside and Mr. Man Parts stayed out. Crying and moaning outside our door, I kid you not for like 15 minutes. It was the loudest I have ever heard a cat like that.

I just had to share this story. It was seriously the weirdest thing ever. When "Mrs." Friendly went outside Chris came up from studying and was like "Is it safe?" HAHAHAHAHA!!