Sunday, May 11, 2008

2 in 1

Happy Birthday Princess Rylie Roo and Happy Mother's Day from Baby M & M!!!

I thought I would publish my first blog on this very special day for my lovely Bride. Where to start? Rylie Quinn McDonald Martin was born on May 11, 1987 and was the cutest little baby as you can see from the pictures. She has been feisty, happy, loving, and is always awaiting her next adventure. She thinks she's a girl version of Indiana Jones!!!

This weekend was Roo-A-Palooza to celebrate Mother's Day and Rylie's 21st Birthday! We saw Maid of Honor and What Happens in Vegas (both chick flicks) but what can you do when it's Rylie's special day right??? J/k I enjoy chick flicks, I just say I don't so I can look cool. Rylie desperately wanted to go Karaoking for her 21st Birthday but Baby M&M told her he didn't feel like getting emphysema. We went to the outlets to get Rylie some Raspberry Honey Mustard dip that she was craving and a couple shirts early in the day. We next came back and Rylie wanted me to re-enact "Notebook" and row her on a boat in the lake and if you go back to our 1st Anniversary you can see that it didn't go quite well with Rylie rowing most of the time because of my incompetence. So on our drive back I said a silent prayer that they would be closed so I wouldn't have to play row boat captain. (I promise I didn't say a prayer but if I did that would have been funny!!!) Just let me say Prayer's get answered, because we got there and it was closed. So we came home watched another chick flick P.S. I Love You and from writing this it must seem like all we do is watch movies!!! hahahah but it was a tear jerker and my eyes were getting watery at the end. (Hey at least I didn't have a ball fest like my Brother!!! = ) We then went to Olive Garden because Rylie loves going there on her birthday and got some good food and Rylie still not 21 had to get me to order her a strawberry Daiquiri (Virgin of course) but it was a great relaxing weekend and I couldn't have spent it with anyone better.

I met Rylie on the Metro 3 years ago, and ever since I have been the happiest guy on the face of the earth. She is the love of my life, my princess, my best friend, and future mother of the Martin clan. She has made me a better person from being with her, and is always trying to make me better. I cannot thank her enough for supporting us through law school, being so patient with me while studying in the library, and being a Law School Widow during finals where she didn't get to see me at all.

We are so excited to be parents in a couple of months and Rylie is going to be the best MOM ever. I am looking forward to the toddler part more than the baby part but Rylie will be great at waking up in the middle of the night, changing diapers, going on walks, and teaching the baby all sorts of things.

Rylie, I love you and I cannot imagine my life without you. If I died today I could not have asked for a better life or wife and with you in my life everything is complete. Thanks for all your love, patience, and charity. I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday and a Happy Mother's Day!

I love you and I love you!!




Ben & Britt said...

Happy Birthday Rylie!

Janee said...

Aw, Chris that is SO sweet!


Nathan said...

Happy birthday Rylie and happy soon-to-be mother's day! Valerie is kinda sad, kinda happy this is her last non-mother's Mother's Day too. It's mostly nerves. She'll be a great mom though as I know you will to from all your excitement and anticipation for this baby.

Too bad you are now 21 but pregnant -- you and Chris could have gone to the local bar and gotten wasted like most cool kids.... oh wait, was that out loud? Strike that from the record.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Welcome to official adulthood (21) -- now the only thing I think you still are not allowed to do is rent a car without high insurance (I will never agree that at 25 years old one automatically becomes a safer driver!!)

Ann said...

Totally sweet. Cute pics too! Happy Birthday Rylie. Hope you had a good day!

j & rachel kirkham said...

Whoa, was that the Chris Martin I knew so many years ago that actually wrote such a sweet post to his wife? I remember when he was a "bros before hoes" kind of guy - I'm super proud of him...good job Rylie.

More importantly...HAPPY BIRTHDAY & MOTHER'S DAY!!! What an exciting time! Chris is indeed a lucky guy!

the terrys said...

aw... what a sweet post

Schrievers in a Nutshell said...

Happy Birthday Rylie!! Chris you are so sweet and nice to your wife!!Tom likes chick flicks too!

Andy & Ashlee said...

What a cute husband you have! Happy birthday... a little late!

Jennalee :) said...

aaaahhh what a great job on the post! happy birthday rylie!!

Bob, Emily, and Ellie said...

Happy Birthday Rylie! Wow what a cute baby, gets me excited for your to come!

Alyson said...

That was so cute! What a good husband! Hope you had a good day!