Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Official...

I just have to take a minute and gush about my amazingly awesome husband Christopher...after much hard work, dedication, and endurance Chris has been offered a long term position as a junior Attorney at NAIMA. Chris has been working with them since June on contract, as a legal consultant. Chris has loved the work he has done, the employees, his boss, and that he only has to work from 9am-5pm. NAIMA was very flexible and supportive while Chris studied for the bar, and has been looking to keep him long term for quite a few months. The CEO and General Counsel were beaming when they came into the office to give Chris the good news. An associate even jumped up out of his chair during the executive board meeting, because he couldn't wait to tell Chris.

This has been a huge answer to months and months of prayers, and we couldn't be more thrilled. We have found a beautiful 3 bedroom townhouse to rent, and new furniture to fill it with. We look forward to buying a place within the next year or two. It's funny how the Lord works. When Chris and I first started law school I told him numerous times that I NEVER wanted to end up living back in VA/DC, and now I couldn't be happier.

This next week is going to be filled with the delivery of our POD, furniture, unpacking, and moving out of our in-laws. Luckily we aren't too far away(still in ward boundaries) so we can visit often. I am excited to decorate and have all of our things back, as well as my old clothes that I thought I could never wear again. After next week my sister Mikelle and her boyfriend Kyle are coming for 9 days to visit! I can't wait to show off our new place, and the amazing surroundings.

Dear Chris,
I never have really liked when people gush and goo on blogs about each other, but I wanted the world to hear how much admiration I have for you. 2 years ago when Preslie died you could have thrown in the towel and given up. Many people thought you did, but you returned to school 2 days later and worked your tail off at the same time. Throughout our 5 years of marriage you have continually worked hard to support me and our family. We have had many speed bumps along the way, but you always knew that things would all work out in the end. You are one of the hardest workers I know, and everyone who works with you loves you.

When the world tells you to give up, you don't. When I am lacking in faith, you build me up. When the future looks bleak, you still hold on. You are a rock, and an anchor, and I am so lucky and blessed to have you in not only my life but the lives of our daughters as well. You were amazing with Preslie, and held her with such care and admiration, despite the circumstance. You are such a great Dad to Arista, and she loves all the time you spend playing with her. You are a great Uncle, Brother, Husband, Son, etc... Most importantly, you are a valiant and faithful son of God who was put on this earth to spread your strength, forgiveness, and faith with all those around you. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you in the future. Congratulations!

We love you so much!



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Disney On Ice

On the 18th of February Chris took Arista and I on a fun date to see Disney Princess' on Ice. We started our date by going to dinner at the Pentagon City Mall to pick up some Panda Express. We ate it in the car since Arista fell asleep. We then parked the car and rode the metro into the city to the Verizon Center. When we walked into the VC it was filled with little princesses with Mommy's and Daddy's. There were booths set up with toys, lights, and photo booths. We had a family picture taken together with Ariel. Chris got a hat with his purchase of cotton candy, and we thought it fit in real well with our picture.

After browsing for awhile the show began. The first hour Arista was mesmerised by the characters and lights. After intermission she became tired and was ready to go. There was a woman and her daughter sitting next to us with a huge bucket of popcorn, Arista kept trying to sneak her hand into the bucket for a piece. Silly girl!

The show was fantastic and so magical. This is the second time we have seen this ice show, and we loved it again. We are excited to one day take Arista to Disney Land or World. Chris and I both noted that the night would have been perfect had Preslie been there with us. She would have loved it!

Thanks for the amazing date night Christopher!

Lost and Found

Arista and I went to our ward's playgroup yesterday morning, and when I was getting into the car I saw I had a voicemail message. I got into the car and started listening to the message. It was an officer, I figured he was going to tell me that they were still working on our case. Instead he said that my weddings rings have been recovered, and that I could pick them up in a few hours at the police station. I started screaming, Arista started screaming, I had to pull over the car so I didn't get in an accident I was freaking out so badly. I called Chris at work and screamed! Of course he thought something horrible happened, but I slowed down and told him the rings were found he was just as ecstatic as I was.

The officer called me back 30 minutes later to give me my property number and told me that the rings were found in an envelope on the fitness directors desk, after he had returned from a break. We are thinking the robber got spooked since the police were going around asking residents about it. We are not sure if they will continue to search for the robber or let it go since the rings have been given back.

Sue, Arista and I went to pick them up and sure enough they are the right rings. I am going to take them in to get cleaned, and have the diamonds checked before I wear them again. For now they are sitting pretty in their comfy box safe and sound.

Our faith has been restored and strengthened throughout this ordeal. The Lord really does watch over us, and help us even in things that seem hopeless at times. We are grateful for the guilt the robber felt, and for his/her honesty in returning them. Miracles do happen!