Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Disney On Ice

On the 18th of February Chris took Arista and I on a fun date to see Disney Princess' on Ice. We started our date by going to dinner at the Pentagon City Mall to pick up some Panda Express. We ate it in the car since Arista fell asleep. We then parked the car and rode the metro into the city to the Verizon Center. When we walked into the VC it was filled with little princesses with Mommy's and Daddy's. There were booths set up with toys, lights, and photo booths. We had a family picture taken together with Ariel. Chris got a hat with his purchase of cotton candy, and we thought it fit in real well with our picture.

After browsing for awhile the show began. The first hour Arista was mesmerised by the characters and lights. After intermission she became tired and was ready to go. There was a woman and her daughter sitting next to us with a huge bucket of popcorn, Arista kept trying to sneak her hand into the bucket for a piece. Silly girl!

The show was fantastic and so magical. This is the second time we have seen this ice show, and we loved it again. We are excited to one day take Arista to Disney Land or World. Chris and I both noted that the night would have been perfect had Preslie been there with us. She would have loved it!

Thanks for the amazing date night Christopher!

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