Monday, November 26, 2007

Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Pie

As most of you know Chris and I had the great opportunity to go to Utah for Thanksgiving. The day before we left Laura cut and highlighted my hair, and let me tell you it turned out fabulous! We had such a great time in Utah. I got to see my dad and little sister and brother. They are growing up so dang fast. Merrick is almost as tall as I am! We also got to meet Chris' future sister-in-law Julie. We were very excited.

The first night Chris' parents got us a lovely hotel room, we had a great time sleeping in such a comfortable bed. The next day we went to Chris' cousins wedding, where I met my many many wonderful relatives.

Chris had his very first cavity filled by his dad while we were there. Let me tell you, Chris was sweating bullets. His back was drenched when he was done. ;)

We had a blast playing games every night, doing some karaoke, and of course shopping! We decided to go out at midnight on Thanksgiving and try and steal some good deals. It was insane! Curt (Chris') brother decided to borrow Chris' feet jammies and wear them out on the town. You should have seen the reactions of the crazy shoppers. All in all I ended up with a wicked sweet Sony camera! Chris is all about the deals and we were not about to pass that one up.

We really enjoyed the time in Utah and hope to be able to go again really soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Work. Gotta love it!

Let me start off expressing how grateful I am to have a job. It seemed like it took forever before I found one that didn't require working at night or flipping hamburgers at the local McDonalds. I have heard that it can take over a year to find a job out here. I was shocked at how bad the economy is here. Coming from working in DC I thought things were pretty stressful then but I had no idea the what I was in for.

I have been with Delphi for a month and this week I have never felt so overwhelmed and stressed in my life. I have been bombarded with project and project after project only to be told after finishing all of them yesterday that..."Opps I forgot to add something, can you redo this?" I kid you not I they could hire 5 more people to help me and it still wouldn't get all finished. I am the type of person that hates to leave a project undone but I was going insane. I am very grateful that Chris and I are leaving for Utah on Friday.

Chris has been super stressed this week while writing a 15 page paper. He needs this vacation. We are very excited.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


This has been one crazy week. Sunday we went to the Jimmy Eat World concert. It was suppose to be at the Wharton Center, so we parked in the law parking garage and started walking towards the venue. We weren't even out of the garage yet when some boys told us that it was moved to the auditorium. That was a bit annoying, so we had to park like a mile away and walk there in the cold. Then we get there and, I brought my camera to have proof of course that we went. Much to our dismay cameras were not aloud in and would be confiscated. So we hid it in the bushes by the side exit door. Luckily it was still there afterwards.

The concert itself was not my favorite. It seemed like they played a bunch of new songs all in a row and throw in an oldie every once in a while. It was really warm in the auditorium and to us it didn't seem like the crowd was too into it. Overall I'd give the concert a fair rating. John and Amberly would probably say otherwise ;)

Last night I went to the cooking group and had a great time. I demonstrated a Jell-O dessert and, luckily I made one before I went so everyone one could try it. Amberly made a really yummy tortilla soup and Ashley Woolf made some creamed corned and these VERY good breakfast dessert pancakes. That was definitely my kind of night. I love food and I love new recipes.

Here is the recipe for those who didn't get to attend......

Auntie’s Jell-O

1 bag…..Frozen 2 Berry Blend Mix

2 ½ C…..Crushed Graham Crackers or Pretzels

1 C…..Melted Butter

¼ C…..Brown Sugar

8oz…..Cream Cheese Softened

½ C…..Powder Sugar

1 8oz…..Container of Cool Whip

1 6oz…..Raspberry Jell-O

Crush graham crackers into crumbs. Combine with brown sugar and butter. Pack into desired Pyrex. Bake @ 350 for ten minutes. Cool crust completely.

Combine cream cheese and powdered sugar into a mixing bowl. Beat until fluffy. Add whipped cream.

Make Jell-O then add frozen berry mix, let sit for 2-3 min until Jell-O looks gelled.

Pour whipped topping over cooled crust (make sure you cover all edges) then pour Jell-O over the whipped topping.

Chill 2 hours

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Uncle John's Cider Mill

Today we went to Uncle John's Cider Mill. It's located about 30-40 min away from us. It was their closing day, and so they were giving out free samples and rides. We went from store to store trying all the samples. They had really good donuts, fudge, bread, sauces, and of course cider. The Terrys, Finleys, Majors and Poussons went as well. It was a very fun time. Thanks Dan and Janee for inviting us!

Happy Happy Halloween

I was very excited for Halloween this year. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I figured that since we are living in a house this year, we would get tons of trick or treaters........Yeah that wasn't the case at all. I spent Halloween by myself before picking up Chris from class. I made myself a little pizza and watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", anxiously waiting for the doorbell to ring. I got a grand total of 7 trick or treaters! I was very disappointed. Luckily Faith came over later to keep me company.

Chris and I dressed up as Kristine and The Phantom. Sadly we didn't get a picture together.

The Pizza I made:

All of the leftover candy we have:

I went to Halloween USA the day after Halloween and got this freaking sweet Darth Vader costume for 50% off. If anyone knows Chris they know he is obsessed with Star Wars.