Thursday, November 8, 2007


This has been one crazy week. Sunday we went to the Jimmy Eat World concert. It was suppose to be at the Wharton Center, so we parked in the law parking garage and started walking towards the venue. We weren't even out of the garage yet when some boys told us that it was moved to the auditorium. That was a bit annoying, so we had to park like a mile away and walk there in the cold. Then we get there and, I brought my camera to have proof of course that we went. Much to our dismay cameras were not aloud in and would be confiscated. So we hid it in the bushes by the side exit door. Luckily it was still there afterwards.

The concert itself was not my favorite. It seemed like they played a bunch of new songs all in a row and throw in an oldie every once in a while. It was really warm in the auditorium and to us it didn't seem like the crowd was too into it. Overall I'd give the concert a fair rating. John and Amberly would probably say otherwise ;)

Last night I went to the cooking group and had a great time. I demonstrated a Jell-O dessert and, luckily I made one before I went so everyone one could try it. Amberly made a really yummy tortilla soup and Ashley Woolf made some creamed corned and these VERY good breakfast dessert pancakes. That was definitely my kind of night. I love food and I love new recipes.

Here is the recipe for those who didn't get to attend......

Auntie’s Jell-O

1 bag…..Frozen 2 Berry Blend Mix

2 ½ C…..Crushed Graham Crackers or Pretzels

1 C…..Melted Butter

¼ C…..Brown Sugar

8oz…..Cream Cheese Softened

½ C…..Powder Sugar

1 8oz…..Container of Cool Whip

1 6oz…..Raspberry Jell-O

Crush graham crackers into crumbs. Combine with brown sugar and butter. Pack into desired Pyrex. Bake @ 350 for ten minutes. Cool crust completely.

Combine cream cheese and powdered sugar into a mixing bowl. Beat until fluffy. Add whipped cream.

Make Jell-O then add frozen berry mix, let sit for 2-3 min until Jell-O looks gelled.

Pour whipped topping over cooled crust (make sure you cover all edges) then pour Jell-O over the whipped topping.

Chill 2 hours


The Pousson Family said...

LOL - we went to see High School Musical last month and I got my camera confiscated AND they deleted the pics off my camera! SO messed up!

I went to the same high school as Jimmy Eat World and my bro played a couple of shows with them back in the day - It's weird to see them so famous now when they used to play at people's parties in Mesa...

Your dessert looks so yummy - I'm going to try it! I love new recipes too...

Nathan said...

Were there any JELLO fights?

the terrys said...

lol! i can't believe you hid your camera in the bushes!!! AND it was still there! i didn't bring mine because i knew they wouldn't allow it. i'm used to not bringing it anymore, because like 1 out of 10 shows i go to will let me take it in.

and that recipe is WAY good! everyone should make it!

Ann and E.Jay said...

Hey! I want to thank you for demonstrating this jello dessert and also posting the reciepe! I made it for everyone for Thanksgiving and it was a real hit! It was a good thing I doubled checked the reciepe on your blog cause I couldn't read my writing when I wrote it that night, I thought I wrote 16 oz of jello instead of 1 6 oz jello!! haha, that would have been horrible! Thanks again, we need to hang! I hope you had fun in Utah!