Monday, November 26, 2007

Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Pie

As most of you know Chris and I had the great opportunity to go to Utah for Thanksgiving. The day before we left Laura cut and highlighted my hair, and let me tell you it turned out fabulous! We had such a great time in Utah. I got to see my dad and little sister and brother. They are growing up so dang fast. Merrick is almost as tall as I am! We also got to meet Chris' future sister-in-law Julie. We were very excited.

The first night Chris' parents got us a lovely hotel room, we had a great time sleeping in such a comfortable bed. The next day we went to Chris' cousins wedding, where I met my many many wonderful relatives.

Chris had his very first cavity filled by his dad while we were there. Let me tell you, Chris was sweating bullets. His back was drenched when he was done. ;)

We had a blast playing games every night, doing some karaoke, and of course shopping! We decided to go out at midnight on Thanksgiving and try and steal some good deals. It was insane! Curt (Chris') brother decided to borrow Chris' feet jammies and wear them out on the town. You should have seen the reactions of the crazy shoppers. All in all I ended up with a wicked sweet Sony camera! Chris is all about the deals and we were not about to pass that one up.

We really enjoyed the time in Utah and hope to be able to go again really soon.


The Pousson Family said...

LOL - I LOVE those jammies!

Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! We need to hang out (karaoke party maybe?) once finals is over!

McGinnis Family said...

Your blog is awesome and so fun! I am so glad I finally came across it! I want some awesome jammies too!

McGinnis Family said...
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Nathan said...

When I was on my mission Valerie gave me a pair of cloud pajamas, sorta like the opening scene to Simpsons. I loved those pajamas, but they weren't the onesies with the little foot parts. I wore those all the time throughout the Ohio winters, even underneath my suit on days when it was below zero. I wore them out. Literally. I miss those.