Saturday, November 3, 2007

Uncle John's Cider Mill

Today we went to Uncle John's Cider Mill. It's located about 30-40 min away from us. It was their closing day, and so they were giving out free samples and rides. We went from store to store trying all the samples. They had really good donuts, fudge, bread, sauces, and of course cider. The Terrys, Finleys, Majors and Poussons went as well. It was a very fun time. Thanks Dan and Janee for inviting us!


The Pousson Family said...

LOL - that pic of Chris on the tricycle is cracking me up :)
Thanks for coming out today - you guys are awesome!

Nathan said...

Looks fun. Looks like you guys are making friends fast. Isn't the church awesome like that? You still need to meet Johnny and Johanna Brown. You'll love them.

Ann and E.Jay said...

Those are some sexy pictures of you guys. We added you onto our blog site, so we can be blog buddies. You guys need to play with us soon. Let's go rock climbing together. It's awesome. Hugs and Kisses.