Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Secret Indulgence

Why does the Cadbury bunny have to bring these yummy eggs every year? I can't count on 2 hands how many I ate last Easter, or even before Easter got here. I can't stay away from these delicious orange cream filled eggs. I purposely didn't buy them for Chris' Easter basket because, he doesn't like them. I knew I'd selfishly be buying them for myself. Please Cadbury bunny, stop tempting me with those eggs!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


As we were waiting for the Terry's Saturday night we decided to take some random pictures. :) We had such a blast going to Emil's Italian Resturant, and then to Horton Hears A Who. It was so much fun. We really liked the food, and LOVED the movie. Thanks John and Amberly!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Place!

Lately I have had no motivation to blog. I know there is so much to tell, post, say but seriously I am exhausted. Today I thought I would put up some pictures of the past couple of weeks.

Last week was crazy! Christie and I decided to make a cake for Amy's baby shower. Christie taught me how to make fondant and to make little animals. I had such a blast being able to learn from her, and to see the end result. She is truly amazing and talented. Amy's shower turned out fabulous, and Christie was a great host. After the shower it was off to a fun little store with Amberly, Kara and Erika! Oh man do I have a blast with those girls. Not even ten minutes after being dropped off by Amberly it was off to the Pinewood Derby chili cook off! Chris didn't have the opportunity to attend scouts growing up so I thought it would be great if he participated in this derby. I had my 12 year old brother pick his favorite derby car and send it out to us. Mind you my dad has been in scouts for over 20 years and knows how to make cars fast. We had such a great time. The chili was yummy, and the racing was awesome. The Terry's won for the fan favorite soup, and Chris won first place with his derby car! We were so proud. Best moment of the entire thing is Brian made a car not even 10 min before the race, and painted it with chili. He ended up placing 3rd! It was awesome!

After the derby Chris stayed home to watch the Duke vs NC game, while I met up with the Finley's, Brian and Terry's for dessert and a movie. We went and saw 10,000 BC, and I really didn't like it. I think Chris would like it though. It was a blast hanging out. I got home to a very very sad Christopher, surrounded by stuffed animals. I had to take a picture. He is adorable!

I can't wait for another fun weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ida Ida Ho, Ida Ida Ho!

2 weeks from today, I will be in a jet flying across country to BOISE IDAHO! The original plan was for my family to drive down to Utah for their spring break. Unfortunately they aren't able to get away, so they are flying me to them. I am beyond excited.

Chris' brother Curt is getting married on the 29th in Logan, and I will fly back to Utah the day before the wedding. It will be so nice to spend time with all our families. I am excited that we get to celebrate Chris' birthday with his family again this year as well.

I have been so homesick lately, and this trip could not come at a better time. I can't wait to play tennis with my sister Kipley, get my nails done with Mikelle, and take my little brother out shooting some hoops. I wish I were leaving tomorrow!!!

Nothing makes more butterflies in my stomach then flying into Boise.

14 days!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's just MADNESS!

March has officially started, and this can only mean one thing. Basketball. This is the one month of the year, that I do not plan anything that involves Chris. Unfortunatly since Chris is a law student and needs to keep up his grades, basketball watching will be cut to a minimum compared to years previous. Nevertheless, since we are bound and determined that Duke is going to win this year (sigh) those games will and cannot be tivo'd they must only be viewed live. (Due to previous instances in the past, where half the game didn't tape)

This is the one month where Chris wanted me to change our background, to make it more basketball friendly. Hence the wicked sweet new background. It will without a doubt be changed again April 1rst.

Nothing really new and exciting to report. We did have an awesome girls night last Friday. Thank you all for coming and participating. Thanks also to Laura for providing the very yummy root beer floats. Is anyone else looking forward to the pinewood derby thing Saturday night? We weren't going to do it but then decided to last minute, and I am pumped! I hope our little car will win! We are halfway through our week, YAY!

This month has only begun, but I know it's going to be a crazy one!

Side note: KFC chicken bowls are the devil!