Friday, December 2, 2011


This little girl cracks me up. I am so behind on blogging, but I just had to share this. Tonight Arista kept saying "My tummy". When I asked her what was wrong with it, she said there was a baby in it. She kept saying "Baby in my tummy." When Chris asked her what her baby's name was she said "Brylie". SOOOOO cute! She has never said my name before, and now the little baby in her tummy shares my name. She is so stinkin' cute! Now she is pointing to Daddy's baby in his tummy.

Arista has just learned how to say "I love you" and says it all the time.

Grandma Mary got her some big girl panties for her birthday and she carries them around everywhere! They had to go to the grocery store and the library with us.

She calls The Little Mermaid "Lema" and Rapunzel "Punny"

She loves to tell us to "move" and everything is "mine".

Every cat's name is "Chewby".

Everything is the color "buh-yellow".

She called Vader "Via".

She knows the entire song of "Somewhere over the rainbow", "Popcorn Popping", "I see the moon" and "Rock A Bye".

Arista wants to watch "Winnie the Pooh" DAILY and sings all the songs.

She has to sleep with her princess shoes, baby Ashley, and a teacup and spoon.

Everyone poops except for her, and she loves to tell you all the people who do.

Dancing to music is Arista's favorite thing to do.

Man has she grown up fast. :(