Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Work. Gotta love it!

Let me start off expressing how grateful I am to have a job. It seemed like it took forever before I found one that didn't require working at night or flipping hamburgers at the local McDonalds. I have heard that it can take over a year to find a job out here. I was shocked at how bad the economy is here. Coming from working in DC I thought things were pretty stressful then but I had no idea the what I was in for.

I have been with Delphi for a month and this week I have never felt so overwhelmed and stressed in my life. I have been bombarded with project and project after project only to be told after finishing all of them yesterday that..."Opps I forgot to add something, can you redo this?" I kid you not I they could hire 5 more people to help me and it still wouldn't get all finished. I am the type of person that hates to leave a project undone but I was going insane. I am very grateful that Chris and I are leaving for Utah on Friday.

Chris has been super stressed this week while writing a 15 page paper. He needs this vacation. We are very excited.

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C&K Finley said...

I can somewhat relate! Have fun in Utah, I'm completely jealous and we'll have to hang out when you get back to Michigan.