Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Chewy!

We adopted Chewy into our family in January, but he was born in October. Chris and I decided that we needed to throw him his very our birthday party. We picked the date October 19th because it is a day when Preslie was alive, and a few days before her death. We didn't want Chew to feel cheated when Preslie's birthday came around, plus who doesn't like Birthdays?

We wanted to share the growth and cuteness of our little Chew over the past 9 months...

The day we brought him home(January)

He loved to sit on Chris' books

He was always curious when we did the dishes (February)

He wasn't too happy the day of his 4 month birthday

Chew started to stick out his tongue at us, it was so dang cute (March)

He loved his new fish friends (April)

His favorite spot then and now is the kitchen sink (May)

His favorite spot to sleep was on top of his jungle gym (May)

Chew and Chris are best buds

He LOVED my brother Merrick (July)

After sweeping up loads of hair everyday, Merrick and I decided to shave him

Lets just say he took it very well, and looked so tiny and precious

Chris' favorite picture of Chew

I just love Chew (September)

Chris loves Chew too

Chris takes Chewy on a walk outside everday when he gets home

Chewy has such a sweet face (October)

He loves to lay right up against Arista, and try to hold her

Or kick her

Or hug her

For Chew's Birthday we bought a harness for his leash, and I took him for a long walk, and then Chris did too.

We had a few of Chewy's buds come over and play with him.

We bought a huge cake to celebrate!

Chew and his friends blowing out the candle

Chew got some great new toys to play with. Some fun balls to run around with, a little toy mouse, and a feather toy! He is such a spoiled kitty! Thanks for celebrating with us friends! Chewy had a great Birthday, and is passed out from all the excitement.

Chewy is more than just a household pet. He came to us at our darkest and deepest hours, and has brought so much joy and happiness back into our lives. I am not sure how we would have made it through this far without him here along with us. We know the day we saw him that he was meant to be with us. Although he is crazy at times, and makes huge messes with my plants, we love him like a son. Happy Birthday Chewy!!


Janee said...

Ok, that's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen - a birthday party for kitty and his lil harness and leash! LOL! Awesome! I didn't even know it was possible to walk a cat!

Those pics of Chewy on your belly are just priceless, I love it!

I'm so happy Chewy was able to bring you some comfort at such a difficult time in your life. What a blessing! Happy birthday Chewy!


Happy Birthday Chewy! He is a very cute and sweet kitty.

Preston and Keri Robertson Fam said...

I miss having a kitty! What was I thinking marrying a man that was allergic??? I used to do the same thing with my cat. I would always get him Christmas presents and like you... celebrate his birthday. However, I never got a cake! =)
Happy Birthday Chewy!! You are one lucky kitty!!

Aubreydoll said...

Happy Birthday, Chewy!! He really was meant to be in your family! He's just as lucky to have you as you are to have him! We had a blast and hope that he plays with and enjoys all of his toys!

J&E said...

Happy Birthday Chewy! Sometimes pets make the best family members. I love the pictures of him with Arista! Too cute!

Brittanie said...

I LOVE that you take him on walks! That's so awesome! lol

I really wish I could have gotten a pet after we lost Cora. It would have helped to put all that maternalness somewhere. I know that Chewie is probably one of the most loved kitties because of the comfort he was able to give you.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday sweet Chewy! So glad you have him in your lives. iam sure Arista will love him just as much. Looking beautiful mama!! Getting so close!

Deb and Stan said...

I too love cats! We've always had a pet of some kind. You're just so cute, giving your cat a party and all! As for the plant messes, gather pine cones and put them in your plants to cover the dirt. He won't bother them again! Plus, they look kind cool! Love you guys!