Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Walk to Remember

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance month. October 15 is the actual remembrance day, and in honor of our little Preslie we participated in "A Walk to Remember". Two months ago I was searching on the Internet to see if there were any walks going on in Michigan. I stumbled across "A Walk to Remember" in Lowell, Michigan. I immediately called Chris and asked him if he would want to participate this year. Of course he did! I right then and there registered, and paid our fees. I also volunteered us to help out, if needed.

We woke up this morning at 6:30am and got ready to go. The weather outside was rainy and gloomy. The drive was an hour, and when we got there the weather was still no different. Chris and I had the opportunity to work at the name badge table. They had such a neat system for everyone. You would write your name,and then the name of the baby that has passed. If it was your baby you would put a star sticker with a corresponding color signifying whether it was a boy, girl, or unknown. If you were walking for someone else's baby you would put a corresponding sticker only it would be a circle. The amount of parents and supporters were incredible. I couldn't help but feel my heart break for all of the families, and more especially the families with multiple losses.

We were able to receive these t-shirts that had all the baby's names listed on the back.

After everyone had a name badge and had registered, we headed over to a tented area where we were honored to hear from Michigan State Representative Kevin Green. He told us his story of his precious daughter Skyler, who was born into heaven 2 years ago. He talked of his grief, and how being a Dad he felt like he needed to fix the situation. However, he knew that there was nothing he could do. His cute family has a one year old Elliot and another baby girl on the way. As a grieving Dad in his position he was able to pass funding in Michigan for Stillbirth research. I feel so grateful we were able to hear from him.

After hearing from the Representative, we were handed out balloons and a marker to write something on it.

We then carried our balloons a short way through the park into this beautiful open area by a huge pond. The many many balloons brought tears to my eyes, to think of all the little babies that had been lost.

When everyone arrived at the destination all the precious angel babies names were read off one by one. When a baby's name was announced the family and friends would release their balloon or balloons. Right when the balloons started to fly, the sun starting to shine through the clouds. What a great tender mercy that was. When Preslie's name was read I couldn't help but cry. Watching her little pink balloon fly up towards the heavens was a lot more emotional then I had anticipated. I wanted to keep my balloon. I wanted Preslie to be with us here on earth. We watched her balloon fly higher and higher until it disappeared into the clouds.

Waiting to release balloons

Preslie's balloon taking flight

Climbing higher and higher

After the balloon release we walked a short 1/2 mile to a bridge. We walked the steps our children will never take, we walked for them today.

We walked back to the car feeling the love and loss we have for our precious daughter, and the gratitude we have that we were able to have her as long as we did. We are so grateful that we were able to take part in something to remember all the little babies gone too soon. For the opportunity to come together as parents and family, and to see that we are not alone. We were all touched and blessed by angels.


Preston and Keri Robertson Fam said...

WOW! What an awesome experience. Just hearing about It brought tears to my eyes. If I were there, I'd be bawling hysterically!!! That is so neat that they do that!
You guys are such great examples. The way you have handled everything and the faith you show is amazing.
Thank you for being a great example to me! =)

McGinnis Family said...

What a neat things to participate in. Isn't it so great that we have so many people around us to lean on and go through this life with? What a great way to remember Preslie!

Janey said...

Rylie & Chris--I'm constantly amazed at the strength you both have in both grieving and remembering sweet baby "p"--I look up to you in so many ways and think this is an amazing way to remember your baby!!

Alexis said...

What a neat thing to be a part of.

chadnsue said...

I;m sobbing as I read your story. I walked twice yesterday for Baby P, once with Chad and once by myself. I thought alot about that day and I'm so glad I got to hold my beautiful grandughter and kiss and caress her. She has touched my life as only an angel could. I love what you both did yesterday and I know this month will be hard. I love you all and am so looking forwrd to Arista being the miracle we all need. Grandma Sue

Michelle said...

What an amazing opportunity for you guys to have. Its a wonderful feeling to do something as simple as 'walk' on behalf someone or something! An amazing tribute to your sweet, precious angel Preslie. I am sure she was walking with you, smiling and knowing how much you love her! It's amazing how we just never know what we will end up 'walking' for and how in the end no matter how hard it is, we will come through the otherside, better, stronger, happier. Love you dear glad you walked for your daughter!

Aubreydoll said...

What a special thing for you and Chris to do. I clicked on the picture with all the names on the back of the shirt and, even knowing it was going to be there, it broke my heart to see Preslie's name. I'm so glad that you and Chris had the opportunity to go and celebrate all of those precious angel babies who, as you put it, were gone too soon from life on earth.

Amy said...

I'm so glad you could do that! It sounds awesome. There is one here going on this Saturday. I really hope we can go, we are trying to get work off. Thanks for sharing!

Our Family said...

Thank you for your post and your blog. IT has helped me much as I have looked through it over the past two months since our little boy was stillborn. Thanks for sharing your heart. I am praying for your new baby and for you. Kappy

Janee said...

This is so so awesome! What a wonderful thing to participate in! So glad you could walk for Preslie! love you guys!

Stephanie said...

What a great cause! I'm glad you found it and gave your time and money to support it. Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well and law school is coming to a close...crazy huh?!