Sunday, October 31, 2010

Look Who's 11 Months & Walkin'

Arista turned 11 months while we were in Utah, and I swear once she turned the big 1-1 she was up and walking...literally. She figured out her balance and can now take 8-10 steps in a row! She pulls herself up with everything, and takes off running. She seems to love to have something either in her mouth or hand while she is walking. Maybe it helps her balance?

Blowing kisses is another one of Arista's favorite things to do. It usually turns into an indian chant, but we know she's blowing her kisses our way. She loves to give real kisses too, which can turn into a love bite at times.

Arista loves being outside, and going on walks, and seeing all the dogs and squirrels. We have been outside a lot the past month with touring DC, Arista has enjoyed it as much as we have.

Here are some fun facts about miss Arista:

*From the day Arista was born she has hated her diaper changed, and putting clothes on. We still to this day have never been able to able to do these things without a few tears.

*Arista loves to pull bows out of her hair.

*Arista loves to wrestle with Chewy. He has not bit her yet, but she sure gives him some bites.

*Arista does not like socks! She will not keep them on no matter what we do.

*Arista LOVE LOVE LOVES to sing! Her favorite song is "Rock-a-bye".

*Arista is the fastest stair climber we know. She can climb up 2 flights of stairs in 30 seconds.

*Arista fears the vaccumm.

*Arista can say "Da Da" & "Ma Ma".

*Arista loves to laugh especially when we are laughing.

*Arista loves to drink from sippy cups.

*Arista loves to brush her teeth by herself.

*Arista loves to pull everything out of my purse.

*Arista loves to suck on her toes.

*Arista LOVED trick or treating.

Here are a few pictures from all our adventures the past month...

Obama puts this girl to sleep ;)

Yes, we are still nursing. You wouldn't believe some of the places we've had to do this. Hopefully we can figure out this weaning business soon. :D

Happy 11 months cuteness!


Michelle said...

WOW she's growing up so fast and walking now!! She is sooo sweet. Now we just need to get my miss P walking and we'll be good! ;) Shes perfect!! Love you guys xo

Ann said...

Rylie, Arista is such a cute little thing! I can't believe she is already walking at 11 months! That's awesome. I loved all your pictures and updates!

Anonymous said...

I miss little Arista Kitty! There was nothing better than waking up each morning to her sweet smile. You guys are such great parents! :)

-Auntie Kelsey-

Brian and Erika Hogge said...

Chris & Rylie, You two are the best parents! You have so much fun as a family! I wish I could be with you to share in the fun!

Love you guys!

Aubreydoll said...

Wow, walking already! I bet you really have your hands full now! :)