Sunday, October 31, 2010

Frightmares and Snow

The rest of our trip was a blast. Saturday Arista spent the day with my Mom and Aunt Pam, while Chris watched football with his family and I went to Lagoon with my siblings. It has been forever since I have been, and It was a blast! I went on the new "Wicked" ride, as well as the tidal wave, white roller coaster, and the ski lift swings. I also went through all the haunted houses. Kipley and her boyfriend Matt went through most of them with me as well. The best by far was called "Deception". It was pitch black inside and you literally had to feel your way through most of it. It rained really hard for an hour the entire day, but it was a blast.

After Lagoon we went to visit with my Aunt Kari for a few minutes and then met Grandma Penny for dinner at the Rio Grande Restaurant. The food was really good but the service was horrible. I remember going there as a kid, because there is a woman laying in a giant taco.

On Sunday we went over to my Aunt Pam;s and said goodbye to my family. It was hard to see everyone go, but we will see them at Christmas time. We had Arista wear her Halloween costume so everyone could see her. She such is the cutest little stink!

Later on Sunday Grandma Janice made a wonderful pot roast dinner with apple sweet potatoes. Aunt Michelle and Uncle Wes along with cousin Tiffany came too. After visiting for a while we headed over to Uncle Val and Aunt Kathy's house. Arista was able to spend time with their grandson Noah, who is living with them for 3 years. It was great to chat with Tayci and see their beautiful house.

Monday Chris and I drove up Solitude canyon to take pictures of Arista in the snow. We drove up twelve miles until there was tons of snow. We got some great pictures, and then when it was time to go our car would not move. We finally were able to flag a woman down to help us get the car out. She acted as if she had done it a million times. We will forever be indebted to her. After driving back to Sandy we stopped at Cafe Rio for a quick lunch, and then Arista and I drove Chris to the airport.

After dropping Chris off Arista and I went to visit an old roommate/friend of mine Krista. She has an adorable 6 month old baby Evelyn. It was so great to catch up with her and meet her husband Jeff, and see her cute house.

That evening Arista and I went out to dinner with Aunt Gaylynn, Sue, and her good friend Joan joined us later. It was fun to chat with Gaylynn and see Joan again. After dinner I started packing things up, while Arista started walking all over the place. She started walking a little bit when we first arrived in Utah, and by the end she was going crazy. She's such a great little walker.

Early the next morning Sue and I took off from SLC. Our flight was delayed due to horrible wind in Chicago. When we finally got on an airplane the turbulence was so bad I swore we were going down. My next flight wasn't too bad, but still pretty rocky. Once on the ground I decided that Arista and I need a break from flying for awhile.

Arista and I had such a great time in Utah. It was fun to have my sister Kelsey there along with us, to go and visit everyone! It was fun to see cousins we haven't seen in a while as well as drive all over Utah. I'm thinking we need to do a sister trip every year!


Janee said...

Aw what a cute costume! Love it!

Natalie Koester said...

I love how Arista has her tongue out trying to eat the snow, very cute. I miss you guys and hope you are doing well, looks like you had a nice trip with your family, next time you'll just have to come a little more west.

erin d. said...

I'm glad it was so fun for you and I'm glad you got to share your fun with Miss Kelsey :D