Sunday, September 12, 2010

Visitors and Football Games

I know it's time to update my blog, when my dad mentions that it's been far too long since he has seen updated pictures of Arista.

The past few weeks have been very eventful. First with a visit from Chris' aunt Gaylynne and her best friend Joan. Gaylynne and Joan invited Arista and I tag along with them one day downtown. We went to the castle Smithsonian for lunch, the National Aquarium, and the National Botanical garden. At the National Aquarium we saw some really neat looking fish and sea creatures. I would not recommend this place to anyone though, it was $9 and not worth it. Arista loved it though.

We also went to the Freer art museum and saw some interesting art, and the peacock room. Arista wasn't much of a fan of them museum.

On Saturday I went with Joan and Gaylynne to Mt. Vernon to tour George Washington's estate and house. It was incredible. His house was HUGE, and plantation beautiful. We also saw his tomb, and where a lot of his relatives are buried.

That night we witnessed Chad and Sue's "U-torium". Many friends from the ward come over to the Martin house for each Utah Ute football game. There was lots of red worn, and yummy treats made.

Arista played with her friend Nora who is a month older than her. Nora and Arista were having a jump off. It was adorable!

On Labor day this year Chad, Sue, Gaylynne, Joan, Tom, Chris, Arista and I rode the metro to the Redskins stadium for the Boise State VS Virginia Tech football game. The game was deafening it was so loud, and we were behind some crazy people who were more interested in Arista than the game. The game was a real nail bitter, and there were times when we gave up on the broncos. We were thrilled however, that they pulled through and won!!! Arista was dressed in a BSU cheerleader outfit and all the VA tech fans couldn't help but agree. It was a LONG ride home. We ended up rolling in around 2am!! Arista was exhausted but it was totally worth it.

I had a great time with Gaylynne and Joan and were sad when they had to leave back to Utah. We can't wait to see them again in October.


Natalie Koester said...

You all look great! Miss you guys, wish we were closer to have some girls nights.

Willow said...

Rylie, you're looking fantastic! Like you've really done well with your weight loss goals. I really like seeing the pictures you post -it's nice to see & hear how you all are doing.