Monday, March 22, 2010

Martin March Madness...literally!

Every March Chris reminisces about how every year when March Madness would start his parents would let him and his siblings miss school to watch the games. Ever since the 6th grade Chris and his siblings would spend the weekend on the couch in front of multiple TV screens. About a month ago I thought it would be fun to have his family reunited to watch the games together again. With no hesitation Chad and Sue flew us all out there for an awesome and yet "mad" weekend!

Day 1:

We took an evening flight into DC, and Arista did great! She slept most of the time and was very pleasant and happy. We arrived, chatted for a while and then went to bed.

Day 2:
Chris woke up early and went and played tennis with his Dad, Mom and Sister. I heard it would have been pitiful to watch. Chris' hip was acting up, Marissa had a sore muscle, Chad's knee was hurting and bit...etc. Despite the pain, they had a blast. Chris said that this day was a great basketball day.

It was a nice day outside so we took the girls on a walk to the park. As we were walking I ran into the woman I used to nanny for. She was sitting on a bench with her beautiful 2 year old daughter. I could not even believe how grown up she was. I started nannying for them when their daughter was only 6 weeks old! My sister-in-law Julie and I took the girls and went out to dinner. It was nice to be able to spend time with her and our little babies. We raced home to try to make it to a massage the men had scheduled for us, but unfortunately we got completely lost driving around Virginia. Luckily the massage chair was able to get out some kinks in our necks.

Day 3:
Julie and I drove out to Potomac Mills, an indoor outlet mall. I have been in search for my Jessica Simpson shoes, unfortunately Nordstrom Rack had them in gold instead of pink. It was nice to walk around and shop!

Arista played with cousin Claire and went on many walks with Grandma Sue and Aunt Marissa. She had so much fun!

Chris enjoyed watching the Duke game and was very happy about their win. Later that night we watched the movie "Precious". It was incredibly sad, but we thought it was pretty well portrayed.

Day 4:
Chris played more tennis with his family, while I was catching up on some sleep. Arista and I walked down to a little restaurant and went to lunch with the woman and daughter I nannied for. It was so great to catch up with them. The hour went by way too fast. I just could not believe how beautiful and smart their daughter is. I enjoyed nannying for them and know that it was meant to be. Sadly I didn't get pictures. Dangit! Next time.

Later that afternoon Julie and I went to Fadi...yes he is the hair master. He again made miracles with my hair. He went short...maybe shorter than I would have liked, but I am so happy about the color! Julie's hair looked fantastic as well! That night we played Quiddler and of course watched basketball. Arista enjoyed another day with Grandma and Grandpa and Cousin Claire.

Day 5:
It was a beautiful day and we went on a few walks. More basketball was watched, and Duke again pulled out another win. My dear friend Michelle was able to come over and spend the evening with us. I just love her. It was so great to catch up, and to introduce her to Arista. I miss her so much, and cannot wait until we can meet up again.

Chris' Mom made a cake for Chris and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him. His birthday isn't until April 1rst, but it was a great pre-birthday celebration!

Day 6:
We woke up at 5:15am, packed up our stuff and said goodbye. It was a very rocky trip home with a delay in Detroit, but we made it home safely. After a very long nap for all of us, we are ready to take on all we have this week.

We had a crazy mad weekend with lots of laughs, walks, talks, and smiles. Thank you Martin family for a fun weekend! We love you!!


Aubreydoll said...

So glad you had a good time, I can't wait to see your hair! How come there aren't any pictures of you from this fabulous weekend??

chadnsue said...

thank you for the great blog and including us in it and thank you for visiting and sharing beautiful ARISTA. I miss her voice in the mornings,her beautiful smile,and most of all her. love you all