Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday!

I wanted to give a special Happy Birthday shout out to my older sister Kelsey. She is a year and 11 days older than me. We have always been really close, and have looked out for each other. She is my best friend and always will be. Here are some special memories I will NEVER forget with Kels...

1. Playing Barbie's every Sunday
2. Making our daddy shirts into belly shirts
3. Sneaking to look at Christmas presents
4. Pee in a box
5. Crying at each other's birthday parties
6. Driving to school in the old Volvo
7. Playing Life all night
8. Playing house
9. Following you around as Elliot and you were Pete
10. Having choir together... :p
11. Getting braces together
12. Trying out for cheerleading
13. Getting our first bikini's together
14. Getting lost in Melba? Wherever that is!
15. Late night JACK IN THE BOX
16. Sunday night movie nights
17. Stealing each others clothes
18. "Rylie you have to get up quick. The stars are up in the sky to get Kelsey out of bed, so she can sleep with yououou."
19. Macaroni fudge
20. Always being my best friend

I love you Kelsey. We have had many ups and downs together, but through them all we always come out laughing. I hope that you had a great birthday, I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. I can't wait to see you in a few months! :D

I also want to send a special Happy Birthday to angel baby Cora. She would be 3 years old today! Happy Birthday precious girl.



Brittanie said...

Happy birthday to your sister!!

And thanks for putting up the butterflies for Cora.

Deb and Stan said...

What cute memories! You guys were always so cute together! I love the bond you two have! I hope it will always be there! Love you!

Kelsey said...

OMG!!! You made me cry Ry...I am so grateful to have you as my sister. We are twins..I just know it! I love you SO much and I miss you! :)

Aubreydoll said...

The Pete and Elliot thing is hilarious! And I love that first picture of you two, it's so cute!!

Bobby and M!kell said...

this is so sweet! I remember you guys at those ages! too funny. =)
birthday wishes for Cora as well. ♥

Courtney said...

What adorable pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Janee said...

Those are such cute pics of you and your sis!

Michelle said...

That is wonderful that you have a sister with so many great memories. I grew up with 3 boys, so the memories are quite different from yours. I never really wanted a sister until I got older and wished I had that bond with someone. I am so glad you have that with her!!! hOpe you had a great weekend!