Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pumpkin Picky

Saturday Chris and I along with other law student families went to Uncle John's Cider Mill. We went last year, but it seemed like there was a ton more to do this year. They had a few blow up slides and jumps for kids, as well as an apple toss, corn maze, and pumpkin patch. Their cider is soo yummy, along with their donuts. It was a pretty hot day so Chris and I opted not to do the corn maze, but we did pick some awesome pumpkins! We have spent 2 Halloween's together, and we have never carved pumpkins. Chris promised me this year we would go to the pumpkin patch and pick them. I never realized how pumpkin picky I was until I was going through thousands of them trying to find the perfect one. We found a giant one, that is almost perfectly round and then a little one for Preslie. :D We just love the cider mill.

The MSU Law Group

Chris in the patch

Preslie's pumpkin

Chris hauling the pumpkins


McGinnis Family said...

You guys are such a sweet, cute family!!! I love it!

Janee said...

Fun! I hope we can make it out there this year before all the pumpkins are gone this time :)

Schrievers in a Nutshell said...

You guys have so much fun!! I would love to take Bree and Sophie to pick pumpkins!! Anyways, I had Preslie's name done and then I was checking to see if it would match the nursery and then you had posted more pictures of the nursery finished and I had to fix her name. I promise it will look so cute and the colors will match better!! Hope that's ok!