Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Martin Update, and our Weekend

Friday we had our doctor's appointment, and things are right on schedule. We were a bit worried that baby P might be breech, so the Dr. checked for that. Let me tell you I didn't expect him to cram his fingers into my stomach and grab her little body. It was painful, but good to know that she is head down. Seeing as we are first time parents we asked the ever naive "So what do we do if the water breaks?". Luckily we know what to do now, and when we should do it.

Baby P's heartbeat is really strong, and we are measuring right where we should be. I have been having some TERRIBLE TERRIBLE burning pain on my right side under my breast. I asked the doctor about that and he said that because she is all on my right side, it is pulling down heavier then the left side. He prescribed me a pregnancy cradle. I have never heard of one of these, but I guess they are a lot like a maternity belt which lifts your stomach and supports it better. Chris and I will go pick it up this week. I am hoping it helps, It is just awful sitting and sleeping with this irritation. Our next appointment is this Thursday!

After our appointment I went over to Faith's and made some bows. Oh my goodness! I now know why women become obsessed with making these cute things. I could make a million a day, they are just so much fun.

I had Chris model the bows for me...he is such a good sport!

Chris and I were finally able to have a date night, and we decided to check out a new Mexican restaurant called, Mangos. I really liked it! Chris thought the food was a bit bland, but I thought it was great. Later that night we headed over to the Blues festival with the Finley's. There were soo many people there! After a huge dose of some blues, we headed back to our house and did some major karaoke! We decided to do a competition Finley's VS Martin's. The Finley's crushed us both times, I think because we got all songs we didn't know. We laughed until we cried when Chris M. sang "Froggy went a courtin". I just love karaoke!! We decided to go to this Mexican restaurant Friday night to Karaoke....Oh! I cannot WAIT!


The Terrys said...

OMG! You always get Chris to do the FUNNIEST things! I laughed... out loud!

Aubreydoll said...

Hmm, where's this Mangos place? Matt and I really like La Seniorita (even though it's been almost a year since we were there!) but I'm always in the mood for a new restaurant!

Aubreydoll said...
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Ann said...

those bows look great. Maybe you could teach me how, I need some fresh ideas. Glad Mangos was good, you'll have to try Cancun Mexico next, so yummy!

Melanie Williams said...

you poor thing. that last month of pregnancy is so uncomfortable. But you are almost done!

Also, I see you have a bed in Preslie's room. That is SO smart.

Janee said...

Lol...I agree with Amberly :) Chris is such a good sport!

Your bows are fabulous. It's my new addiction too, I do a ton everyday!