Saturday, February 23, 2008

Great Friends, Great Times

This weekend has gone by so fast. I find that is goes by faster when you are having a great time. Last night was girl's night at Erika's and it was a blast! I haven't stayed out with friends until 1:30am in a long time. Erika was very clever putting different games in balloons, and it was fun getting to know everyone better. Doesn't it feel great to get in your jammies, and eat yummy food, and hang with friends? It was awesome! Erika is such a fun host!

Today Chris and I had the pleasure of babysitting the Hogge kids. They are adorable!! They each have very different personalities and it's fun to see them interact with each other. After Erika and Brian got back Amberly came over and we all ate McDonald's and played games. Best Saturday ever! I just cannot believe how fast this weekend has gone. It makes me sad that it's almost MONDAY! I am looking forward to Mall Mania next Friday though! :)

I love this picture!

Megan loved to play with my hair, she is adorable!


Janee said...

Thanks so much for watching the kids so Erika and Brian could watch me compete!

I was going to come over this afternoon but I was so tired after my competition (and from our late night last night) that I passed out for like 3 hours!

Can't wait til Friday!

McGinnis Family said...

What a natural!!!!!

Aubreydoll said...

Friday was a blast, wasn't it?! Can't wait til this Friday! I feel so spoiled having so many girl's nights lately...