Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is truly amazing how time flies. It seems like just last week we were living in Maryland close to Chris' family. It has been a great year, and we have high hopes that 2008 will be even better. I wanted to take a few minutes and reflect back on 2007 and remember all the wonderful things that happened...

1. Chris got accepted to law school.
2. We got to go to Ohio for Marissa's swim meet.
3. I finally got my long awaited nose job.
4. We got to go to Disney World for our 1-year anniversary.
5. I got to go to Kauai for a week in September.
6. We moved to Michigan.
7. Amanda, Courtney, and Mikelle all got to visit us.
8. Curt (Chris' brother) got engaged.
9. We got to spend the holidays with our families.

We are very blessed to have such great families, and although it is hard to leave them we know that we will see them very soon. We are very grateful for the friends we have made out here, and just want to thank you for helping us feel welcome out here. We had a blast ringing in the new year with all of you.

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Bob, Emily, and Ellie said...

So I heard that your News Years party was awesome! So sad we missed it, but hopefully you'll do it again.