Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Year, New Resolutions

It being a new year I decided that I would take my resolutions more seriously. In the past I would usually make one resolution, and it would last a day. This year Chris and I decided to be serious and actually achieve what we desire. Sunday night I cut out some colorful construction paper and we each wrote three goals that we wanted to accomplish this upcoming year. We also wrote down a list of things we need to do daily to help with them. For a reminder to us we hung them on our "goal wall" (aka family room wall). Despite the fact that they don't want to stick, it has been a great reminder to us. We have been right on top of our goals with some, and need to do better with others.

Chris has started back at school for his second semester, and we are much happier and more confident this go around. It is always a challenge moving to a new place, and starting new jobs and schools but we have really grown closer, and depend on each other much more now then we did when we were both working. We are so excited for this upcoming year.


Nathan said...

Valerie and I set resolutions, well her more than me, and you are smart to right out how those goals are going to be attained. That's why a lot of resolutions end come January concrete plan of attack. Good luck with those.

Isn't the New Year an awesome time to be a better you??

Bob, Emily, and Ellie said...

Good idea to hang them on the wall. I normally forget about mine by feb. I might steal your idea if you don't mind...