Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 Years

On the 25th Chris and I celebrated our 5th anniversary! I woke up a few minutes early and made Chris breakfast. I made 5 heart shaped french toast and scrambled eggs.

After Chris got home from work we exchanged gifts...I got a massage! I gave Chris a picture of George Washington to hang in his office.

Vader enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper.

Arista talked with Grandma and drank her juice.

That night some great friends in the ward graciously watched Arista while we went out to dinner at Texas De Brasil. We had some awesome awesome meat! My favorite was the house special top sirloin, and Chris loved the Parmesan crusted pork. After a huge dinner we walked over to The Cheesecake Factory and ordered (hold your breath) 4 pieces of cheesecake! White chocolate macadamia nut, red velvet, 30th anniversary chocolate, and carrot cake cheesecake. No we didn't eat them all, we took a bite of each of the next several days. Chris loved the red velvet, and I loved the white chocolate macadamia nut.

We ended the night watching an episode of John Adams. We have been addicted to the series from the local library. I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary, or man to spend it with. The past 5 years have not been easy, but with Chris by my side we can get through anything.