Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Oh Bother"

Me and Pooh bear have a love/hate relationship. I love Winnie The Pooh and always have. I was Winnie The Pooh for Halloween when I was little, my nickname growing up was "Quinnie The Pooh", one of my favorite movies to watch growing up featured "that silly old bear", and I still to this day know every little jingle that Pooh sings.

So, where does the hate come into play? Everytime I see the honey loving bear I am reminded of the hole in my heart, my daughter who was taken too soon. And yet, I am happy to be reminded of the 9 joyous months spent with her in my womb. Finding Winnie The Pooh decor, stuffed animals, blankets, pictures, quotes, etc.

How can such a spunky lovable bear leave such a huge impact on someones life? Not only does seeing a Pooh bear remind me of my sweet angel, his words of wisdom leave tears to my eyes every time. Yesterday I was shopping and found a beautifully framed quote from Pooh...

“Promise me you'll never forget me
because if I thought you would
I'd never leave"

It is the first time I have seen that quote, and I felt like Preslie was saying it to me. I am grateful that Chris and I decided to associate my favorite bear with my favorite angel. Although Preslie is not here with us, the smiling bear never ceases to make me forget the impact such a small baby can have on one's life.


Brittanie said...

There are several Pooh quotes that remind me of Cora. Such wisdom. ((hugs))

Janee said...

Oh Ry (((hugs))), I love that quote. Wisdom indeed.