Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"I'd Rather Be In Idaho Eating Baked Potatoes"

After 8 hours of bumpy flights, airport elevators, computer malfunctions, 2 anxiety attacks, biting toddler, delayed flight, and grouchy parents...we finally made it to Boise!

The following day was my sister Kipley's high school graduation. She graduated as her school's Salutatorian, and was asked to speak at the event. She gave an amazing speech which brought tears to a lot of eyes. It's hard to believe that my baby sister will be going to college this fall.

For the grand event I made Arista a silver and blue skirt to match the school colors. She hated it, and I ended up holding her the back of the auditorium the entire graduation because she was so upset. She fell asleep right before it ended.

After the graduation we went back to my parent's and partied. My Mom made a delicious cake, and we had some incredible steak with baked potatoes. We ended the night dancing to some MJ.

The next few days were spent playing with my siblings, and getting in as much Daddy time as possible.

Arista LOVES Jager my older sister Kelsey's dog, and loves getting Jager kisses.

Arista wakes up every morning and plays the piano, at one point we even heard the tune "this old man". She is gifted.

We found out that my sister Kelsey and brother-in-law Craig are having a baby boy. I was fortunate and lucky enough to be invited to the big ultrasound. He is adorable, and looks like a spitting image of his Daddy. He had his legs spread wide open, so there was no denying that it was Kenneth.

Here in Meridian they have Happy Meal Tuesday, so of course we couldn't miss that!

One day my sister Mikelle, her boyfriend Kyle, Arista, Chris and I went to the Boise Zoo. It was a perfect afternoon, because no one was there. Arista loved going down the giant giraffe slide with everyone, especially her daddy. While Chris was on his way down he ripped a hole in his new shorts. That didn't stop him from wearing them the rest of the trip though. :)

Unfortunatly I forgot to charge the battery on my camera, so I will have to upload them from my sister's phone. We were able to go through the new butterfly exhibit which was incredible. We had butterflies all over us! We fed the goats kibble, and even fed the prairie dogs. It was so fun. After the zoo we went to the famous Big Juds. We ordered the big 2 pound burger and Mikelle, Kyle and Chris all split it. They said it was delicious, and they wanted to try the challenge someday. I'll post pictures of that later on.


Cassandra said...

The zoo pictures are hilarious. Glad you're having fun!

erin d. said...

How fun! It has been so long since I have checked other people's blogs (or updated my own!) two kids does that to you I guess. I am so glad you guys are doing well. I still think of you often, especially since Owen LOVES the Winnie the Pooh you guys sent him, he loves to suck on it's nose :). I hope we can all get together the next time you are in town. Now I'm going to continue catching up on all the lovely Matin-ness :)