Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Fun Filled Weekend

Last night Chris and I had a date night. We first started by getting my ring cleaned at Tiffanys. I always feel so under dressed going in there, they seriously have the most gorgeous jewelry. I had fun picking out what I think I need next. ;)
After that we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, On The Border. I cannot describe to you how amazing it tasted to have actual good Mexican food. We just love that place. After dinner we went to Tysons Corner(mall) and went to my favorite store out here H&M. I had no idea they carried a line of baby clothes and of course we had to get some. We will have many little girl clothes to save if this baby is a little boy. ;) I would be so happy to have a boy although we both agree the girl clothes are so much cuter.

After going to the biggest mall ever we met up with Chris' parents and headed over to Ft. Belvoir for a night of hitting golf balls and putting. This was only my 2nd time doing it and I did o.k. My stomach got in the way of my swing but it was a lot of fun. After hitting some balls we had a little competition between Sue, Chris and I to see who could putt better. Final hole Sue creamed us by hitting an 85ft hole in one. It was unbelievable! After that we headed to Dairy Queen and got some yummy ice cream. Chris and I were going to try to go see Kun Fu Panda but the theaters were packed. So we decided to rent The Assassination of Jesse James....HORRIBLE MOVIE! We turned it off after an hour it was so boring!

Chris being a golf stud


Me attempting to hit a ball

The all-star Sue

Today Chris and I went to the pool, it felt amazing!!! I seriously could fall asleep in that water, it was so relaxing. Then tonight we played tennis with Chris' parents. Baby M and I have never played so good! It was a lot of fun. Chris is now at work. He got a job working Saturday nights at a high class restaurant as a bathroom attendant. Haha! I can't wait to hear the story. He just started his first night tonight. He works from 11pm-3am. :( I am sad about the hours but they pay amazing.

I am looking forward to a great Sunday and a great week.

I caught Chris reading this...I thought it was so cute. He is going to be such a great dad.


KaTie said...

that sounds like a perfect summer weekend!

Jenny and Kelsey said...

I can see that you have a little tummy! FUN!!! I can't wait until you have your baby!

Ann said...

It sounds like heaven all that fun you're having. How is the nanny job going? I love Chris' new job! There should be some wonderful stories that come from men in the bathroom if they are anything like women who talk alot! haha. Good luck Chris! That's awesome that he is reading pregnancy books too! I tried to get E.Jay to do that but he only started looking into them after Lauren came and was looking for answers to problems we were having! Being prepared is always better! When do you get to find out what you're having? We can't wait to hear the news!!

Schrievers in a Nutshell said...

Sue beat you two that is so great!! Anyways I love H&M and wish they would do online shopping because their kids clothes are so cute and cheap!! Did Chris pose for the prego book picture?? That is so great if not because I think all that stuff freaks Tom out. The less he knew about it all the better!! I thought he was going to die when we had Bree. Luckily he did great!! Sounds like a great weekend tell everyone hi from me.

Janee said...

I can't wait to hear what goes on at Chris's job! H&M had BABY CLOTHES?! Awesome!

Oh, I caught Dan reading the pregnancy bible when I was preggo and I'm sure it had nothing to do with all the nudy pics in there, lol :)

the terrys said...

Look at your little belly! Cute! Did you ever find a job? Is that why Chris is working as a bathroom attendant? Not a bad job if I say so myself. Miss ya guys!

j & rachel kirkham said...

hello dear, when do you find out the sex of the baby? we are so excited for you!!!

McGinnis Family said...

That is so cute that Chris is reading that book! How adorable and sweet!