Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mommy & Me Birthday Party

For Mother's Day this year Arista and Chris gave me beautiful roses, Glee Karaoke, Micheal Jackson dance revolution, and this beautiful Thomas Kincaid picture of Pinocchio. My Mom also sent me some beautiful Disney signs, and Preslie even sent me something that day as well. Mother's day is such a struggle for me, especially watching all the little primary kids sing to their Mom. I can't wait to hear my daughters sing to me someday.

The following day Chris left on a last minute trip to Indiana with his boss for business. He toured insulation factories, and learned all about how it is made. As an added bonus Chris and his boss drove to visit James Dean grave, and a house that has a bunch of memorabilia. Chris said it was a neat experience. Well, unfortunately while Chris was touring away my birthday arrived. Instead of wallow in self-pity I packed Arista up in the car and took her to the Zoo.

After the Zoo we went to lunch at my favorite restaurant California Pizza Kitchen. After lunch we walked through Borders, and then went to a delicious yogurt place with our good friend Erin. This place is called Yogi berry, and it is a lot like Fro-Zen-Yo. I love those places! I want to open a franchise in Boise.

When we were through with our yogurt we walked around and then called it a night. Arista and I spent the rest of the night reading stories, watching American Idol, and looking at pictures. It was a perfect Mommy/daughter day, I just wish Preslie would have been there to celebrate with us.

My Mom sent me a wonderful gift this year. She made a birthday kit to use for every birthday celebrated. She made a chair cover for the birthday person, table cloth, banner, pillowcase, and birthday bunny. It was such a creative and thoughtful gift. I can't wait to use it for our next birthdays.

We crashed hard after our long birthday adventure.

Chris made up for missing my birthday by taking Arista and I to Texas De Brazil for dinner that weekend. We had delicious meats, and a yummy dessert. It was well worth the wait. Next year however all I want for my birthday is my husband to spend it with me. ;)

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