Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chris' First Business Trip

Last week Chris had his first business trip at the National Harbor Gaylord Hotel. Since we only live ten minutes away, Arista and I went along. Our room was on the 17th floor facing the harbor and monuments. Arista loved looking out the windows.

In between meetings Chris took us swimming. Arista was unsure of the water, but quickly warmed up when she realized how much fun it was.

After a little while Arista decided she needed her purse to swim in the water with her.

After swimming Chris had a dinner to go to, so Arista and I got dressed and watched Daddy walk to dinner with his colleagues.

Grandma Sue came out to go to dinner with us. We went to dinner at a yummy place called Ketchup. The appetizer we ordered came with 3 different types of fries with all different kinds of sauces. My favorite ketchup sauce was root beer flavored!

Arista was a huge fan of all the ketchup. She ended up eating it straight. Yuck!

After a yummy dinner we walked through the harbor shops. We found this store called Charming Charley, and they had the cutest accessories ever. They had every color and design you can think of, and they were very reasonably priced. Arista decided she was a big girl and wanted to walk with us, instead of ride in her stroller. She walked right into Build-A-Bear, so she made "Daisy" the Easter Bunny.

After a lot of walking we headed back to the hotel. We went to a restaurant that has the best cotton candy, and they gave some to Arista for free! They also threw in some Peeps. We walked right over to the fountain show that had just started, and enjoyed the cotton candy and Peeps.

After the show we headed up to our room. We said goodbye to Grandma Sue and started getting ready for bed. Not too much later Chris arrived from a fabulous dinner at a restaurant called Bond 45. He said they had the best fillet mignon, and appetizers. While Chris played with Arista I went to the hotel's gym. The gym had Lifetime Fitness machines with touch screens! It was a great workout.

The next morning Chris had to wake up for a 7am meeting. While he was in his meeting, Arista and I got dressed and walked around the harbor. Arista literally walked around the entire harbor. She carried her purse on her arm and her little cell phone in her hand. She would occassionally stop and chat on her phone, it was the cutest thing. I had so many people tell me how adorable she was, and how they loved her purse. Miss Arista is such a celebrity.

After a lot of walking we walked back to the hotel and watched the fountain show one more time, then we met Daddy and headed home.

Arista and I had a blast on Chris' first business trip, and we are looking forward to hopefully going on many more along with him.

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