Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zoo Day

Thursday was a gorgeous day outside, and it began with a special Valentine's Day gift from Grandma and Grandpa McDonald. Auntie Kipley also threw in some fun Valentine's for us as well as an adorable unicorn pony as a late Christmas gift. Arista has been carrying it around everywhere, and loves it.

Grandma Sue sent Grandma Mary some fabric to make a little blanket for Arista. Grandma Mary used her skills and put together an amazing quilt. Arista loved to lay on it and carry it around with her little pony. Chris and I were talking that we need a quilt for us. ;)

We decided to take Arista to the Zoo since it was so nice outside. We brought Grandma Sue in on the fun too. We started out by staring at the Emu. Arista was a bit afraid of him, and I can't blame her. He was giving us the stare down.

The panda bear was ADORABLE! She was just sitting on her cute little bum chewing on some bamboo. I think we were more enthralled with the panda than Arista was. Chris can we get one?

Arista was not down on any family pictures this trip at the zoo. All she wanted to do was run around. Silly girl.

There is this cool kid's play area that is all about pizza. Arista had a blast playing on the giant cheese wedge and trying to pick up the giant mushroom. She was really sad to leave. Grandma Sue made the sauce while Arista played with the toppings. Too fun!

"Bye bye Zoo, bye bye Zoo, we will see you someday soon!"


Nancy said...

Wait a minute... was that bald guy in the photo with the elephants Chris??? What happened, he has great hair!

Rylie, you're looking fabulous and Sue is looking good too! And of course, Arista is always adorable!

Brian and Erika Hogge said...

I LOVE your pink shoes Rylie! I assume they're yours. I can only see legs in that last picture. :)
Looks like fun! I wanna join you guys!
Arista's getting so big. I bet she would love to visit MN again! That's a GIANT hint! :)
Give Chris a noogie for me.

Bob, Emily, Ellie, and Kate said...

Love this! Arista is so big I can't believe it. Seriously she is just darling and I love all that hair! We definitely have hair envy at our house! Hope you guys are doing great!