Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Way to Go Mikelle!

On June 2nd my beautiful sister Mikelle graduated high school. Mikelle and I attended elementary school together for a year. I was in 5th grade, and she was in Kindergarten. Everyday after school I would pick Mikelle up from her classroom and we would walk home together. Mikelle has always been a girl of few words, but once you get her talking she won't stop. She LOVES babies and has been a huge help to Chris and I with Arista. We call her "Nanny McKelle". Mikelle has turned into a beautiful young woman, and we couldn't be proud of her accomplishments in high school. Mikelle received a scholarship from BSU, and will be attending this fall. We love you Mikelle.

Before graduation I made Arista a blue and gold skirt, along with matching yo yo bows for all the girls in the family to wear. For graduation dinner we went to Olive Garden beforehand. Our Great-Grandmother Beth, and Grandmother Penny drove up from Utah to attend the event.

Me and Grandma Penny

Mikelle and Kyle

Kipley and Matt

Merrick and Great-Grandma Beth

After dinner we headed to BSU for the graduation. It was PORING rain. The ceremony was short and sweet. It was neat to hear them all sing the "Alma Mater", although they have changed the tune since I went to school there.

After the graduation we searched through the rain to find Mikelle and her boyfriend Kyle. After finding them in the gym we took a few pictures and headed home.


Proud Parents

Kyle and Mikelle with their darling nieces

Way to go Mikelle! Thanks for being such a great sister and friend. You are an awesome Aunt, and Arista just loves you. Good luck at BSU!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mikelle!



Aubreydoll said...

Where's a picture with all the girls and their matching yo-yos??