Friday, May 21, 2010

A "Shrek" of a Half Birthday

Our little Miss Arista has been growing rapidly this past month. On her 5 month birthday she figured out how to roll all over the place. We have to constantly keep our eyes on her now. I laid her down on her play mat and the next thing I know she is clear over by our TV! She is so proud of her new freedom, and we couldn't be more proud of her.

Arista is starting to teethe. Her sleeping pattern has been all over the place, due to sore gums. We have been using oragel and teething tablets to help soothe her, and they seem to be working for the most part. We will just be glad when her teeth finally come in. Poor thing!

Arista's hair has been growing like crazy lately, especially in the front. We found out that it is long enough for a little pony tail! She looks just like those little cartoon baby girls with the little pony tail and the bow. Adorable!

One of Arista's favorite things to do is go for walks. We love pulling out the stroller and walking a 5k a few times a week. She usually gets a good snooze in.

Arista's hands move like crazy now. She is constantly grabbing for anything and everything. She loves to rip paper and pull Mommy's hair. She is also fascinated with the remote control.

We tried solid foods again last week and she loved it! She tried apples and pears, and leaned towards the spoon and everything.

On her half birthday we celebrated by going to see the new Shrek movie. Arista loved it...she would not sit still for a second. We then met our friend's the Al lens at A yummy local pizza place called Delucas. After lots of pizza and laughs we headed to Walmart, where Arista picked out a new toy. She LOVES all the songs that this little toy plays, and it has really been helping her to sit up. She can sit by herself for several minutes before she loses balance. She is so talented.

These past 6 months have been the best times in our lives. We are so blessed and grateful to have Arista with us. We can't get over her adorable and sweet personality. She has an infectious smile, and is constantly drawing attention to herself. Every minute we have with her is such a blessing in our life. We know that she is close with her older sister and that she is one of Preslie's favorites.

We love you so much baby girl! Happy 6 months!


Melanie said...

she is so so cute!! Seriously, I just think she is a the sweetest thing in the world!

Mark Christie Family said...

Arista is so beautiful and such a cutie!! I can see such a personality coming through her pictures!

Nic said...

Teething is no fun! She sure is a cutie though! Champ teethes in fours! He's got four more coming in right now so I feel your pain! Instead of orajel ask your pharmasist for Hurricane gel. You don't need a presciption and it works 10xs better.

The Morgans said...

Happy 1/2 birthday ARISTA!!!!

Brian and Erika Hogge said...

I think it's so much fun that you celebrate half birthday's! I've said this before, and I'll say it again...cutest baby ever! Her smile melts me too! Love you baby girl! :)

Janet said...

I love the picture of her in the basket and the one where she's sticking her tongue out! Happy 6 months Arista!

Oh, I'm also happy to hear that she likes solid food now!

Melissa said...

hope all is well! just wanted to tell you Arista is SO cute! I love her smile! She has to be the happiest little thing i have ever seen! =)

Courtney said...

I just can't believe she is 6 months already. Time is just flying by.

It has been amazing to see her grow up. She is such a beauty.

erin d. said...

Yay baby girl!