Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arista's first trip to Idaho!

Arista was able to meet so many fun people the past few weeks. We had our first trip traveling to Idaho together. We were able to have a long layover in Minneapolis to visit our friends the Hogges. We had a blast for the short amount of time together, and we are planning on visiting them longer for spring break!

After a long day of flying, everyone was anxious to meet their new little niece...

Auntie Kelsey
Auntie Kipley

Auntie Mikelle

Uncle Merrick

We were also able to see my cousin Melissa and meet her little daughter Georgia. Georgia was adorable with Arista, and constantly said "baby" while pointing to her. We could not get enough of little Georgia, she is such a doll. Arista was also able to meet her great Aunt Deb and Uncle Richie the week before.

Melyssa and Georgia

The greatest babysitters

I had a blast going out shopping with my Auntie Karen and Melyssa, while we had 2 awesome babysitters. Mikelle and her boyfriend Kyle were generous to take on Arista and Georgia, two nights in a row. I got some much needed shopping, girl time, and yummy food in. Unfortunately the last night Melissa was here I got horrible food poisoning. :(

Arista also turned 2 months while we were here. She is becoming more and more active everyday. She has found her hands, and her hands have found her mouth. She loves to chew and suck on them. She smiles and coos all the time, and loves to lay on her back and look around at everything that is going on. She has also spent a lot of time with her Auntie Mikelle being bounced on the yoga ball. It calms her down immediately, especially when she is overly tired. Her nights and days are still mixed up, but we are ready to start a schedule when we return home. We just love her!

Arista spent much time with her great grandparents Fern and Wayne Bateman. She is their 49th great grandchild. Every time Arista would cry Grandma would say "It's okay to let her cry, it will make her have a great singing voice".

Arista has had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa, and even went to Relief Society on Sunday to hear Grandma speak. She slept in the back with Grandpa, and was sporting a new dress.

Arista seems to have a calming effect on people...and animals.

Arista sure has had a blast on her first trip out to Idaho, and we are going to miss everyone when we leave on Thursday. Her Aunts and Uncle have spoiled her rotten! She is anxious and excited to see Daddy soon.


Dan and Sheila said...

I am so glad that you were able to be with family. I really enjoyed all of the sleeping pic with the fam. Your Arista is so dang cute and such a beautiful part of your family. I am so happy for you.

chadnsue said...

Ry and Chris, she is so beautiful.Oh my gosh I love the sleeping pics of everyone. Looks like everyone is enjoying her and I know Marissa is anxious tooo.....Love you guys

Aubreydoll said...

Looks like you're having a great time!!!

chadnsue said...

The pics are adorable and she is a beauty. I especially love everyone sleeping with her Love you all

erin d. said...

She looks so much like Chris! I love picture #9! I also love Kelsey's expression. What a proud Auntie! Sorry We missed seeing you :( maybe next time!

Julie said...

I was getting anxious to see new pictures of Arista!! She is so adorable!! I just love it!! I am so happy you girls had a great time in Idaho! Sorry about the food poisoning that is no fun!!
We love you all!!

Janee said...

Omg Ry she is a DOLL! I bet she loved being held by all her aunties and uncles!

Brian and Erika Hogge said...

Heck ya you're gonna come play with your friends in MN! :) Can't wait!

Glad you had a great time! Your mom looks well! How's she feeling? I really admire her. She's so strong!

Arista gets even more cute every time I see her, and LOVE the polka-dot dress - to die for! Eye Heart You!

Our Family said...

Arista is getting so big. Idaho is a great place. Glad you had fun.