Monday, November 9, 2009

Faith and Hope

I felt pretty worn out on Friday, and was able to sleep for about an hour until Chris arrived. Then I heard news that I hoped and prayed I would never have to hear. While I was sleeping my Mom tried to get ahold of me many times. Upon waking up I wondered what could be so urgent that she needed to call me a lot. While Chris was in the bathroom I called her back. I was waiting to hear that one of my Grandparents had passed away, but to my horror it was beyond my wildest dreams. "Rylie, I have breast cancer". I couldn't help but sob. So many questions came into my mind..."Why would this happen after all we've been through already?" "Breast cancer doesn't even exist on my mom's side, how'd this happen?" My mom proceeded to tell me that it was at stage one, and how blessed and lucky they are that they were able to detect it early. I could not believe how positive my Mom was, and how calm she was. If you know my Mom you know that she is one of the most righteous women. She has unwavering faith, and hope even through the toughest and hardest things. The time I was able to spend with her after Preslie's death was truly a blessing for us both, and now I have never felt so close to my Mom.

I know that this is another trial of our faith, and together as a family we will be able to encourage, lift, pray, and hope that after her surgery this cancer will rid her body. I don't know what I would do without my Mom, I can't even imagine. All I know is, I am grateful for a guardian angel to watch over her, and for a Heavenly Father who will be by all of our sides during these next months.


Brittanie said...

Oh, I'd be terrified. Breast Cancer is all over my mother's side of the family and I've sort of just been waiting for that call.

Thoughts and prayers to your mom and your family!

Nathan Coffey said...


I'm sorry to hear that. At least it was detected in Stage One, so it is very treatable/curable.

According to

Stage 5-year Relative Survival Rate
0 100%
I 100%
II 86%
III 57%
IV 20%

That's good news!

Will pray for her and your family.

Danny and Lauren's Blog said...

Refiners fire. Wow. I am sorry to hear this news. I hope our prayers our felt. If not, I will pray MORE! Tell your mom we are rooting for her. As always I am rooting for you too Ry. Xoxo.

Preston and Keri Robertson Fam said...

Our prayers are with your family!! I know that everything will be fine with your mom. She is strong just like you! And yes, she does have the best guardian angel watching over her!!

Anonymous said...

Riley, I'm so sorry about your mom. What a difficult thing for you to hear at any time, but especially so while you are still so concerned about Arista's safe delivery.

Although it is a difficult thing for your mom to face -- and all her family and loved ones with her -- breast cancer, when discovered in the early stages, is very treatable, and the survival rate is close to 100%. I think it will comfort your mom to know that Preslie is watching and comforting her from beyond the veil. And holding Arista and watching her grow will be a great blessing.

Keep after the nurses, if you don't think they are observing you and Arista as closely as they should. It is unfortunate that nurses today are stretched very thinly and often can't give their patients the kind of care that they want to give because they have too high a patient load or because they're tired from working overtime. Michigan Nurses Association, where I work, helped the Sparrow nurses organize into a union years ago, so they have better conditions than many nurses. Nonetheless, you and Chris know your body and your daughter better than anyone. Don't hesitate to be assertive if you think you need anything.

I love you guys, and I'm praying for you. I'll add your mom to my prayer list. And if you have a free night and an extra wristband, I'll bring you a Chinese dinner -- whatever your favorite dishes are.


Lisa G-K

Aubreydoll said...

I'm so sorry about your mom, I can't even imagine what you (and she) must be going through. We'll be praying for all of you!


I remember the day my mom called me and told me that same news, it was just about the hardest day of my life. I will be continuing my prayers for you and your mom and please let me know when I can do something for your or sneak something into the hospital for you. Don't forget pizza places do deliver to hospitals, I did it when I was there and it was awesome, something other than hospital food.

Elizabeth said...

Tell your mom we will be praying for her. I was shocked when I read the new. We are praying for you too and hope that everything goes well.
Elizabeth "Mefford" Neratko

Michelle said...

Oh honey, I am sorry you received that news ontop of everything, but I know that through this experience your mom will be a light, a hope, a beacon of strength to so many who watch her, people that will notice her unwavering faith and hope and her testimony. It's amazing how our trials help us learn, but the do so much more then that, they help everyone around us learn, grow and be inspired. May your family and your mom be inspired through this difficult journey! Love you dear friend!