Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moving, Boise, and Baby P

The past few weeks have been crazy. We decided to move a few streets over into a more safe neighborhood. We found a really cute condo a few houses down from our friends in the ward. We spent all of last week packing and moving. I wanted to have everything done before I left for Idaho, but unfortunatly that didn't happen. I left Chris in a new house with a ton of boxes. I felt awful, but I have married the most wonderful man. He has not complained once, and has everything all put together and organized. Chris and Chew have been having a great time as bachelors while I have been gone.

I arrived in Boise Saturday night, and have been having a great time with my family. Monday I went on a 3 mile walk with my Mom, and then played tennis for 2 hours. I have not wanted to play tennis much since Preslie has died, but it felt so good to hit again. Later that day I decided to lay out by the pool...without sunscreen. Who would have thought that being pregnant "magnifys" your skin? What started as a nice purple/redish color, has trasformed into hundreds of blisters. Yes Mom and Chris, I learned my lesson.

While being in Idaho I have had a lot of time to think about Preslie. I was able to talk briefly with one of my Moms greatest friends after an enrichment on Tuesday, which really inspired me. She lost her first daughter many years ago, and seeing her now 9 children later she is just amazing. I told her if I could turn out half as great as she is then i'll be okay. She told me that what has happened to her has been the greatest blessing. She is an amazing Mother, example and teacher. I told her "I cannot look back these past 8 months and say that losing Preslie was a blessing, but I know down the road I will see it."

The hole in my heart aches for Preslie today, but I know she is near. Especially when I need her the most, she is with me. I can't wait to see her smile at me one day. That is my heaven.


Aubreydoll said...

That's so great that you had a chance to talk to someone who's gone through a similar experience and to see her on the other side of things. I'm glad that she's given you some hope.

But, ouch! I've blistered really bad after getting burnt and it's not fun! Hopefully it doesn't last too long!

J&E said...

It's so awesome that you are being so active! It was hard being pregnant during the winter because i never wanted to leave the house, thereby resulting in more baby chub for me!
I hope your sunburn is feeling better and I am glad that you married a Super Man husband too!
I know that Preslie aches for you too and that her heaven will be complete when she can be with her mommy and daddy again. I've mentioned it before but I cherish every moment, even the less than perfect ones, with Jane. Because you've taught me that the moment is all we are guaranteed, so we must treasure it. Thank you for being so willing to bare your souls to us, helping us to be grateful and more faithful. Your testimonies are such a source of strength for the rest of us.
Lots of Love

Brittanie said...

I don't know if I will ever be able to see actually losing Cora as a blessing. But I have seen many blessings during and since that would probably not have happened had she stayed. I am a much better woman than I was, and I'm not sure how I would have had some of the better traits improve had it not been for that.

Anyway, (hugs) to you. I'm glad that you have been able to have a good time. I always blister when I sunburn. I love the Solarcaine aloe spray. It's WONDERFUL stuff and always helps my burns heal faster with less peeling (and you don't actually have to touch the burn to put it on!)

Alyson said...

You're in IDAHO!!!!! Are you still here? Do you have time to go do something?

If not, I understand. I hope you are having an awesome break!


I am so excited you are living so close to us now, it will be nice to have some fun neighbors. I can't believe we haven't played tennis together. I played through high school and play every summer when we come home with my tennis friends, so we will have to hit around together some time. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in Idaho, if you guys get bored you can always make a trip down to L.A.

Michelle said...

Oh I am so glad you got to get away and being just up in Idaho it feels like you are so 'close' yet miles day we'll meet, I hope! Your strength and faith have increased so much my friend. I know it is still so hard and there will always be a piece missing, but the blessing we have is knowing that piece will be yours again, one day! All my love to you!

Dan and Sheila said...

I am happy that you had fun, all but the sunburn, Ouch!
I think that hopefully one day I will see all the blessings that have come from my losing Sharyn, but for now it is still hard. I do see how it has changed me, for the better though. I am more greatful for my family and all the blessings that comes with them. I charish them much more. I also fell closer to my heavenly father because there is someone with him that I am longing to see.
I do pray for you and your new baby, that all will turn out well. And I'm sure things will. Just think, Preslie is up in heaven right now telling you new baby how wonderful her parents are, and how you need them and love them.
Love ya Sheila

Marni said...

I love the current craving on the sidebar. I need one of those, except I am not prego. :)