Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Up To You New York, NEW YORK!

Day 1:

We woke up 5am to drive to New York. It took us about 4 hours to get there and we made it there after traffic. We first started by going to a little park where we could see the Statue of Liberty.

In front of the nasty Hudson River

After the park we went to a little sandwich shop to eat, and right as we were about to walk in a taxi driver stopped in the middle of the road outside the hotel next door to let some people out, and a delivery driver behind him couldn't get past. The delivery driver got out of his truck and started throwing F bombs at the taxi driver, and then before we knew if started beating the crap out of him. The cops were called and an ambulance came and took them away. It was CRAZY!

After lunch we headed over to Central park to walk around and try to find "Strawberry Fields". We were expecting to see an actual field of strawberries but instead it was like this tile memorial on the ground.....pretty weird. We seriously walked around the park 5 times to find that memorial. The park is really pretty, and has a park for kids and a water area.

After going to Central park we walked over to the Rockefeller Center. On our walk over there we saw where the Late Show is filmed, and Sue even get her picture taken with Rupert who works in the Hello Deli. We were able to take an elevator up to the very top of the Rockefeller building which was AWESOME. We got a few good pictures and then it started to rain, so we waited it out and then went out to take some more. If you ever go to NYC I definitely recommend doing this. The view was incredible.

View from Rockefeller Center

After Rockefeller we went and ate ate ESPN Zone, It was nice to sit down and relax for a little while. After eating we headed out on the streets in search for a purse. Sue found 2 she really liked, and I didn't really see any that I couldn't live without. We then went into M&M World. It was AWESOME!!! If you go to NY go there, it was 3 stories high with a million M&M things.

After M&M World we walked down to the Majestic Theatre where we saw "THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA". Right outside the theatre before we went in we ran into Chris' good friend Collin and his wife. It was really great to meet and talk with them. Chris was very excited he was able to see them. They live in NYC and came down to wait to try and find us.

The play was AMAZING! My eyes started watering right when it started (pregnancy thing). Every song that played I got goosebumps and my heart would just race. It is a bazillion times better than the movie, and the actors were incredible. The settings and everything were just mind blowing. Everyone was able to stay awake the entire play, that's how great it was. I would say this was my favorite part of our entire trip.

Day 2:

We woke up early and drove 3 hours to Cape Cod. On the drive over there we witnessed a woman driver hit a man on a bike.....it was NUTS! We drove through Sandwich to this little restaurant which was pretty good, and then we headed out to the beach. The first beach we went to we all crashed for about an hour. A dead sting ray washed up on shore. It was disgusting!! Then we drove to the National Seashore. It was beautiful. The sand was clean and the water was beautiful. The water was FREEZING!! While Chris and I were laying on the beach a flock of seagulls starting flying around everywhere, and I told Chris that someone was going to get pooped on. Not even 2 seconds later I felt a big plop on my stomach! ICKY!!!!!!! I was the lucky one that got pooped on!

After staying at the National Seashore for a while we drove to Plymouth rock. The rock was under construction but we still got to see it from a distance. During the day in Plymouth you can go through the Mayflower 2 replica, which is pretty neat. We didn't stay there too long, it was getting too dark. We headed back to our hotel and Chad, Chris and I went to a place called Stone Forge which had the greatest food. It was YUMMY!


Ann said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you guys could go out and do something great like that before school starts again! You look great too!

The Morgans said...

Sounds & looks like you guys had a great time. Maybe one day I'll finish my blog about our little trips but dang 35mm....

Alyson said...

Holy crud you guys did a ton. Sounds like a blast. You make a super cute pregnant lady!

Ben & Britt said...

Looks like you had a fun time in New York. Strawberry Fields was a must see when I was there because I am a HUGE John Lennon fan, and I was really excited to see the beautiful tribute they have to him across the street from where he was shot. I also really like the song Strawberry Fields by the Beatles. That was a beautiful picture you have of the memorial. Glad you guys are doing well.