Sunday, September 30, 2007



Yesterday Chris participated in Michigan States intramural tennis tournament. Let's just say that he was a wee bit rusty. The guy he was playing against was clearly not as good as Chris, but Chris was having an off day. He couldn't seem to get his net shots in, or his over heads. He double faulted quite a few times, and ended up losing 6-8. He was pretty frustrated but, what do you expect when you haven't played for 3 months?

Today we both participated in the doubles tournament. We won our first match 6-3, and made it into the championship game. We played against these two interesting men. Yes, I was the only girl who ended up signing up for the tennis tournament so I had to play against guys. They couldn't return Chris' serve or shots. However, they found a lot of pleasure in picking on me. In the course of the match they hit every ball to me, and mocked me when I would make a mistake. We ended up losing 3-6 and 4-6. Chris made it very clear that he was upset at their behavior. The school gave us each our very our "runner up" trophy! Hey, I think silver is more attractive then be the judge.


When we moved into our house our landlord told us that there was a cat that wandered around, and went from house to house. They told us that they think it’s the neighbor at the end of the streets cat. So we have befriended this cat, letting it in our house and feeding it. Well yesterday we came home from the store and our duplex neighbor was like “Don’t leave my cat in your house when you leave.” Well we didn’t know it was their cat. When they invited us over for a bbq we asked if it was their cat and they said no. So now they are saying that it’s theirs, and that they don’t want it in our house when we leave. We were a little bit irked by that.

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